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Cloop’D Advice: Looking For Pointers Before Booking a London Serviced Apartment? 

If you’re visiting London for a vacation or on business for a week or even a month, consider staying in a serviced apartment, which gives you the flexibility to make the most of your trip.

Cloop’D Advice: How Can a Landlord Make His Property More Appealing in This Post-Covid Era?

One thing Covid has taught us is that the world has shifted to a more remote and less traditional way of doing business, and finding new tenants is no exception. So, how can a landlord make his property more appealing in this post-covid era?

Cloop’D Advice: How To Choose Your Ideal Serviced Apartment

Serviced apartments typically offer a bit of a hybrid between hotel services and long let contracts. Thus you should expect a fully furnished unit with more of a service than you would in a long let, but less service than would be available in hotel accommodation. 

Cloop’D Advice: Why Should I Use a Property Management App/Platform?

I believe that the use of property management systems is beneficial to the housing sector because it allows landlords to run their businesses and provide a much better service to their tenants

Cloop’d Advice: What To Look For In A New Home

Renting tips we think you should consider when looking for a new rental property

Cloop’d Advice: 5 Tips For Property Management

Cloop’d Advice will be a recurring segment where you’ll get tips, guides, and so on

Listen to The First Episode of The Clooper Digest Podcast

Clooper’s Clooper Digest podcast will feature founder, Toks Adebiyi, discussing everything from entrepreneurship, work-life balance, building a startup, and other life and living topics.

What Should a First-Time Visitor Know About Short Lets in London?

When you compare the size of a typical short-let apartment to a similarly sized unit in a hotel, the difference is clear.

What Can I Expect From a Serviced Apartment?

Serviced apartments have been a popular type of accommodation for more than a decade. They have been used as a lodging option for both business and leisure travellers especially, so they are not new, but they have grown in popularity over the years.