Cloop’D Advice: How To Choose Your Ideal Serviced Apartment

Toks Adebiyi offers Cloop'D Advice

Serviced apartments are designed to give you the feeling of being at home while away from home.

Despite the fact that they may include some of the facilities and services that a hotel offers, serviced apartments are not your typical hotel. They are usually fully furnished accommodations with most of the things you need to feel at home. 

If you stay in a serviced apartment, for example, you have the option of cooking for yourself or eating out. When compared to hotels, we think there may be numerous benefits to choosing a serviced apartment.

Aside from a kitchen, which allows you to cook your own meals or dine out, a serviced apartment may include a washing machine to help with laundry, as well as TV subscriptions and wireless internet usually at no extra cost (usually included already in your charges).

Some of these serviced apartments may even provide car rental services to help you get around! They are best for stays of more than five (5) nights, but you can still enjoy 2-3 nights in a serviced apartment.

We began researching serviced apartments in London as the holiday season approached in order to disconnect – just a little – from work responsibly, and we found ourselves looking into serviced apartments in London. Guess who we decided to seek help from? You guessed correctly! Toks.

For Toks’ monthly Cloop’D Advice, we decided to ask questions about these types of apartments, which have been around for a long time but are now gaining even more popularity:

Toks responds:

What do I need to know before renting a serviced apartment?

Serviced apartments typically offer a bit of a hybrid between hotel services and long let contracts. Thus you should expect a fully furnished unit with more of a service than you would in a long let, but less service than would be available in hotel accommodation. 

The level of service offered varies significantly between serviced apartment operators and some are really difficult to differentiate from hotels.

Here are some of the areas you should watch out for when renting a serviced apartment:

Serviced Apartment Service Fees: Examples of such fees include booking fees, service, housekeeping, extra pillows, cots or other equipment for babies, telephone costs etc. 

The key here is to be aware of any mandatory fees and any other optional fees for services you may need.

Serviced Apartment Policies on Noise & Visitors: This is one to be really aware of. Depending on the type of trip you are planning your requirements may vary in either direction so it’s advisable to ensure the serviced apartment operator’s terms are aligned with yours. For example, if you are booking a trip to stay closer to local friends or family, a serviced apartment operator with terms that don’t allow any visitors could be an issue for you. However, it may be perfect for a business trip where you require a lot of peace and quiet to work.

Serviced Apartment Operator Checkout Policy: Checkout policies vary a lot by serviced apartment operator in areas like time of checkout, what to do with any excess rubbish, cleaning, where to drop off keys, if it is possible and applicable charges for a late checkout etc. so take care to be aware of them and any associated charges for not completing.

Serviced Apartment Operator Policy for Inventory & Damage: This one is very tricky to get the balance right. Whilst you probably wouldn’t want to spend time on your short stay inspecting every single item in the property to assess the condition, you do want to make note of anything that appears untidy or damaged and report it immediately.

I typically would take quick photos of each room. And do a quick walk around inspection to check if I can spot anything.  

How do I find the best options? 

This is simple, on Clooper. The great thing about Clooper is that you do not only search for availability but you also add your requirements and let the platform and our customer success team search the market for you.

How can I get the most value for money? 

Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. The longer you stay, the more negotiable the price typically is so always bear this in mind.

What are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind? 

As stated above the following are recommended:

  • Check the terms for any applicable extra service fees so you aware of the true cost of your stay
  • Also, check any policies that relate to noise and visitors to ensure it is aligned with your requirements
  • Do check and understand the policy for checking out at the end of your trip
  • Finally, check the apartment for damage and take photos on arrival

There is only one “don’t” that comes to mind:

Although it is reasonably possible, don’t expect the same level of service as a hotel. It isn’t one and there are likely to be extra charges for extra services.

Is there a deposit required when renting a short-term serviced apartment? 

Yes, you should expect to pay a damage deposit.

You can find your home away from home with Clooper! Think flexible booking, contact-free and generally seamless service. Clooper has lots of serviced apartments within the UK listed so it’s easy for you to find an ideal home. You can get started here.

Cloop’D Advice is a monthly recurring segment in which our founder, Toks Adebiyi, answers questions about property management, ownership, tenancy, regulations, and everything else in between. Catch up on the ones you missed here

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