Cloop’d Advice: What To Look For In A New Home

Tips for Renting? We’d like to believe you’re in capable hands.

Renting tips like these can be useful when looking for a rental property as a tenant, and we hope you find Sara’s tips for this week’s Cloop’d Advice helpful.

Cloop’d Advice will be a recurring segment where you’ll get tips, guides, and other information from property industry experts/professionals and, in some cases, people with experience you can relate to, to get you started on everything you need to know in this industry.

renting tips - clooper
Unsplash/Jamie Whiffen

This week, we’re sharing tips from Sara Abodunrin; UX Lead Designer here at Clooper who has experienced life as a tenant, landlord and homeowner.

“I was born to powerful parents who advocated for human rights, and seeing them start over from scratch in London without taking the easy way out was always an inspiration to me. They now own a number of properties and businesses, and watching my younger brother become a very successful property developer working in both London and Nigeria has given me a new perspective on managing and owning a property.

Fast forward to now, when my husband is a landlord and we have recently settled in our family home with our four-year-old, and “living joyfully” is definitely something I would like more people to experience”, she says.

renting tips - clooper
Unsplash/ Étienne Beauregard-Riverin

She recommends that you consider these three tips before making the leap into finding a new rental home:

  1. Make a great first impression! Landlord-tenant relationships are no different than any other. Don’t make the viewing experience feel like a bad date 🙂 Be on time, show interest and ask questions.
  2. Extra bedrooms and pricey linen don’t make the memories any better. When looking for a home, consider how happy you will be in the area, who you will be sharing your home with, and how stressful the rent will be, and try to make it all as simple for yourself as possible.
  3. Using a platform like Clooper increases your chances of meeting positive-minded landlords who want to have the tools to make the process seamless and easy for their tenants. This is a great place to start.
She provides additional helpful advice below:

At Clooper our emphasis is greatly on supporting landlords, making happy homes available to tenants and providing easy access to assistance for those who are unable to pay their rent due to unforeseen circumstances.

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