Cloop’d Advice: 5 Tips For Property Management

Property management tips? We’d like to think you’re in good hands.

These tips provide essential knowledge to have before venturing into residential property management, and if you’re already involved in property management (as landlords or tradespeople), this is also for you.

Cloop’d Advice will be a recurring segment where you’ll get tips, guides, and so on from property industry experts/professionals to get you started on everything you need to know in this industry.

Property management tips

Our first Cloop’d Advice comes from our founder, Toks Adebiyi, who has more than fifteen (15) years of experience in property investment and management. He got his start in real estate as the previous owner of a property club with over a thousand landlord members.

To name a few, he has a first-class BSc in Business Management and Information Technology, a Harvard Business School Certificate in Real Estate Management, and an NFoPP Level 3 Technical Award in both Residential and Commercial Property Management, and is happy to share tips from his experience.

Property management tips
Toks shares 5 property management tips that we believe could be useful to you:
  1. Make sure you buy rental property in a location and style that is suitable for the type of tenants you are hoping to attract.
  2. Make sure you have a system that works for your financial management to ensure your incoming is in sync with your outgoing
  3. Make sure you have a reliable tradesperson that you or your tenant can call for an emergency on when things need fixing
  4. Make sure you’ve got a process that reminds you about your regulatory obligations such as Gas certificate etc
  5. Make sure you have a system that makes it easy to get all those four things and more done. 

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This blog post is not intended to constitute legal or financial advice. Profits in property are not guaranteed and can decrease in value as well as increase.