Keeping Your Holiday Green? Here Are Our Eco-Friendly Packing Tips!

Unsplash / Emily Bauman

You’ve got oodles of sustainable holiday hotspots to choose from ( in the UK and abroad! ) — now, to pack! Not only that, with these eco-friendly packing tips, you can keep your luggage as green as possible.

As you may know, the travel industry is taking strides to reduce its contribution to climate change. Whether encouraging people to take trains or trams where possible or funding research into greener fuel alternatives, many industry powerhouses are actively working to improve the environment. Now, you can, too. Even with something as simple as a water bottle.


A travel water bottle is essential. Wherever you’re going, hot climate or cold, you need to stay hydrated. Lacking your water intake can lead to poor moods, lack of appetite, health issues, and much more. This poses an issue.

Plastic bottles are menaces when it comes to the environment. Mass-produced and non-bio-degradable, they can contribute massively to plastic waste and therefore become a detriment to our planet. It may be easy or tempting to just pick up water as you go. It’s cheap and readily available, however, by investing in a quality water bottle – you’ll save the environment, and save yourself a small fortune in the long run.

A water filter bottle may be your best best. These specific travel flasks filter out viruses, bacteria that cause diseases, metals, microplastics, chemicals and more. They can filter from many water sources, including natural streams, so you can always top up your supply wherever you are. You can even get some in shades to match your travel bag. Chic and environmentally conscious – an essential part of your eco-friendly packing plan!


We know this may be a big ask. Some of us here at Clooper would take our entire wardrobe on holiday with us if we could, we just have too many groovy looks to choose from! However, did you know that over-packing contributes to climate change?

Heavy, weighted luggage bags have an effect on the overall weight of the plane. The weight of the plane dictates how much fuel it must burn to lift off and fly us to our destinations. If the plane is bogged down, it will burn more fuel, therefore resulting in more CO2 emissions.

Of course, little extras won’t make much of an effect. We’re sure that extra charger would come in handy, and won’t be too much of a strain on the plane. However, things like bringing an entire extra luggage bag just for shoes may not be the best idea. Think about what you really need, plan outfits in advance, and only invest in lightweight packing cubes to help you get organized.

Unsplash / Eddy Billard


Charging banks are a lifesaver, aren’t they? You’re out, and about, and suddenly — oh no, dead phone! This can be particularly troublesome on holiday. On holiday, or whilst travelling, you may not be too aware of your surroundings.

You’re going to be making use of google and maps, that’s for sure. Or maybe you need to stay in contact with someone in the area. Maybe you can only reach them by phone, so while it’s tempting to abandon technology in search of natural beauty, keeping it handy on holiday is a must.

Solar-powered charging banks are brilliant. They use green energy and are portable; you can take them absolutely everywhere. It also cuts back on your use of cords and means you won’t be searching for a plug socket every time you’re low on juice. Win-win!


It may be tempting to bring a whole new fresh set of toiletries on holiday. New shampoo, new conditioner, new shower gel, but additionally — all of that new plastic waste. That’s the total opposite of eco-friendly packing!

Most supermarkets and beauty stores sell travel-sized versions of regular products. Things like hairspray, toothpaste and more are condensed into cute mini bottles. However, these mini bottles are almost always discarded. Again, plastic waste is a ginormous problem. Over eight million metric tonnes of plastic enter our oceans and water every single year. That’s an absurd amount of plastic waste.

Instead of buying these excess products, invest in re-usable travel-sized containers. You can buy them in green materials, such as bamboo, so that eventually when they wear out – you can recycle them. You can even buy bamboo toothbrushes that are bio-degradable. With these products that you will inevitably have to throw away, prioritize buying ones that can be recycled afterwards.

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We know, this one may be a little reminiscent of school days, but hear us out. Whilst on holiday, you’re treating yourself! If you’re anything like us, you’ll be treating yourself to a few snacks whilst you’re out and about … or lounging in your serviced apartment!

Now, there’s nothing wrong with a good snack now and then. However, we draw back to the plastic problem. Think of all of the crisp packets, sweet wrappers and coca cola bottles you’ll be throwing out every day. It will all end up in the same place. Harming and polluting our planet.

You can buy eco-friendly lunchboxes and food containers at almost every large retailer. There is a multitude to choose from anywhere from Amazon to Asda. By packing your snacks in advance, you give yourself something to look forward to and are working to save the environment — even in a small way.


We’ve discussed the importance of eco-friendly fashion numerous times in the past. It’s still equally important to this day. The fashion industry contributes massively to climate destruction, with fast fashion causing discarded clothes to pile up in landfills faster than we can keep count of.

If you’re wanting some new duds for your holiday, we don’t blame you! It can be fun to pick out some specific new outfits. Or, you may need to buy new shorts — or trainers if you’re going to be walking a lot. This is all understandable — so long as you don’t throw it away afterwards!

Pick clothes that you’re going to wear even long after your holiday has ended. Not only this, shop sustainably. You can find more than your fair share of fashionable goodies at charity and secondhand shops. By reusing instead of buying, you’re contributing to climate preservation. Constant buying and disposing of new clothes leads to further mass production, waste, and strain on our planet.


We all love a good tote bag. Whether you’re old or young, a trendsetter or a trend-rebel, a tote bag can make a world of difference to an outfit. It also helps with eco-friendly packing!

Single-use plastic bags are a nightmare for the environment. You can cut out your use of them entirely with tote bags. Tote bags are brilliant because you can fold them up easily and store them in your main bags. Therefore, you’ll always have extra available to carry your essentials or shopping.

Totes are also often organic, made of materials that are friendly to the planet. Often, even bio-degradable. Therefore, when it comes time to kiss your beloved tote bag goodbye, you can do so with a clean conscious knowing that it won’t contribute to mass waste.

Now that you’re all prepared with some eco-friendly packing tips, which holiday hotspot will you jet off to next? Wherever it is, find it with Clooper.