5 Top Tips For Decorating Your Rental Property (Without Losing Your Deposit!)


Making a home truly ours can feel difficult, especially when it’s a rental property. We’re here to show you that it doesn’t have to be!

Anywhere can be a home. Whether its a house, a mansion, or a rental property. When we’re renting, it can feel like we’re living in a borrowed home, which just isn’t the case. Though we understand there are limitations to how much you can decorate a rental! We’ve sought out some tips so you can decorate your rented home to your hearts content, without losing your deposit.


The atmosphere of your kitchen is an important one to cultivate correctly. You spend a lot of time in there: cooking, cleaning, eating, baking up interesting new snacks. Living in a rental property means that re-tiling your kitchen is almost definitely out of the question. But don’t despair!

Tile stickers are decals that you can stick over the top of your tiles. Because of their easy stick-on peel-off function, you can simulate re-tiling your kitchen without a lick of hard labour! Not only this, but it won’t disturb the original tiles, leaving no marks if you buy from a reputable source. Be sure to double-check your contract before making any changes if you aren’t sure.

Unsplash/Juli Kosolapova


Rugs often go overlooked when decorating. They’re actually often essential in pulling rooms together! Also, rugs can protect your flooring against damage. Having a statement rug can harmlessly personalize your home while protecting it from harm at the same time.

We touched on the importance of rugs in home decor before. Check out our blog post here to learn more.


Decorating? With smell? Sounds weird, right? In fact, it’s incredibly common and very beneficial. More and more homeowners and tenants alike are seeking to personalise their homes with scent. You could invest in some scented candles, reed diffusers, or an oil diffuser or burner. Pick a signature scent, maybe lavender or bergamot, and let it flow through your home. This could lead to you associating the house more with home, as it gives you that cosy sensation when you walk through its halls.

Essential oils also have many other benefits. Some include:

  • Reducing stress.
  • Boosting happy hormones in your brain.
  • Aiding sleep.
  • Antioxidant properties.

Just ensure to double-check the ones you’re using, especially if you’re pregnant or have children or pets. Little ones and animals can’t tolerate essential oils in the same dose as an adult!


Have you ever wanted a statement wall, but your landlord wouldn’t be best pleased at you hammering up their walls? Command strips can be a lifesaver.

Command strips stick to the wall without leaving a mark. Because of this, you can have an entire wall of paintings up, without risking any unsightly nail marks! Always be careful when removing them, however, as removing them recklessly could peel off paint. As always, be sure to double-check specifics with your landlord. Some may be okay with some things, others may not. It’s always essential to communicate!


It may seem simple, though house plants can really liven up your rental property. They bring flair, life and responsibility to your home. Plants in pots are easy to move around. Because of this, its easy to cart them off on moving day, leaving behind no marks if you’re careful when watering and handling them.

Plants are also good for us as a whole. Having a few house plants can contribute to improving your mood, reducing fatigue, easing stress and anxiety, attributing to focus levels and more.