Here’s How To Take The Fright Out Of Befriending Your New Neighbours

Befriending your neighbours comes with a wide swathe of benefits. They can keep you safe, keep your home safe, and keep you company, but getting to know new people can seem daunting! We’re here to show you it doesn’t have to be.

Top Questions You Could Ask Tenants To Accelerate Your Viewing Process

Asking prospective tenants questions at viewing is mandatory, but it does not always guarantee that you will find the ideal tenant. We are here to show you that it is possible, with a list of concise and crucial questions to ask tenants at your next viewing.

Are You Ready To Become a Tenant? Here Are 3 Important Steps To Help You Prepare!

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Are You A Landlord Looking For A Good Tenant? These Pointers Could Help

If you are a landlord looking for a good tenant, you should consider these steps if you need advice on how to fill your vacant property quickly.

Having Trouble Filling Properties? Here are 5 Top Tips To Attract Tenants

There will always be people looking for their dream home. The only challenge may be determining how to attract tenants to your new, ideal homes. Today, we’re here taking a look at what you can do to attract tenants and fill your properties. 1. Present Yourself Well  Sure, you’re selling a home, but you’re the […]

5 Top Tips For Decorating Your Rental Property (Without Losing Your Deposit!)

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Here’s How Regularly Cleaning Your Property Could Help Clear Your Mind

Feeling anxious or stressed at home? Here are the steps you can take to ease that stress with cleaning, of all things!

Clooper Switch, Our New Cost-Cutting Platform, Is Now Live!

Clooper Switch is a free energy comparison and switching service that connects you to various options. Log in to the platform, browse the tariff options, select the one that best meets your needs, and switch!

Here’s The Latest Sustainability News To Brighten Your Blue Monday!

Sustainability news can often be harrowing, upsetting and make us feel worse. Here at Clooper, we’re dedicated to making the days better.