Clooper Switch, Our New Cost-Cutting Platform, Is Now Live!

Clooper Switch is Clooper’s newly minted cost-cutting platform!

Clooper Switch is a free energy comparison and switching service that connects you to a wide range of options. Log in to the platform, browse the tariffs available, select the one that best meets your needs, and switch! It’s a really simple platform.

With energy prices rising and the energy price cap set to rise next month, which could affect up to 15 million households (nearly half of the country! ), comparing tariffs from dozens of the most recent deals from different energy providers could save you up to £245 when you use Clooper Switch.

Clooper Switch by Clooper

Thanks to Clooper, now is the best time to assist consumers in discovering new ways to save. Founder Toks Adebiyi revealed in a press release that the new platform’s bane is to help average households save money.

Clooper Switch is a timely product that represents yet another positive step toward improving the living experiences of our customers…”

At a time when households are still trying to recover from the pandemic’s financial impact, as well as the energy price hike that will affect approximately 15 million households in October, what we are doing now really matters and will put more money in the pockets of the average household”.

This brand-new vertical allows you to save money (and who doesn’t like that, right?). You will also receive automatic reminders when It’s time to switch and it’s completely free. You also get to compare prices instantly and switch to a better plan without any hassle.

Anyone who joins the Clooper platform, the go-to tech-driven property management platform that allows users to manage their businesses on the go, can also save money by taking advantage of this brand-new service.

Try Clooper Switch for free here.