Having Trouble Filling Properties? Here are 5 Top Tips To Attract Tenants

Clooper, attract tenants
Unsplash/Maria Ziegler

There will always be people looking for their dream home. The only challenge may be determining how to attract tenants to your new, ideal homes.

Today, we’re here taking a look at what you can do to attract tenants and fill your properties.

1. Present Yourself Well 

Sure, you’re selling a home, but you’re the person doing the selling. You’re the individual that these tenants will rent from, rely on. They need to see you as what you are: a reputable, high quality landlord! If you roll up to your viewings looking haggard, feeling grouchy or overall not at your best? They will notice. To attract tenants, presentation is essential. 

Scrub up, smile and be informative. Have everything you need readily available. Always be early because showing up late sets a bad example and may lose your prospective tenants. Coming across as uncaring, unfriendly and unprofessional is extremely detrimental to the image you’re putting across to clients. Sell yourself as well as the property. 

2. Cleanliness Is Close To Godliness 

Picture this: you arrive at a house or flat viewing. You’re so excited, you’re looking around the house, then all of a sudden? You turn to go outside and see an overflowing garbage can, or unbridled shrubbery, or cracked paint. No one wants to live in a home that is unclean or unprofessionally represented. Before your client arrives, be ready. 

The property should be clear and spotless. Also, make sure to think of the little things. Has the garden been trimmed? Are the outside bins empty? Is the floor clear of debris? It’s surprisingly easy to gloss over some details and forget about them. Be thorough as you clean and clear the property. Clients, and therefore your business, will thank you for it! 

Clooper, attract tenants

3. Don’t Smother Your Clients 

There’s nothing worse than trying to get a feel of your new home with someone breathing down your neck the entire time. To attract tenants, you must give them autonomy. This is soon to be their home, after all. They should be allowed to explore it, reasonably, at their own pace. 

If you notice them lingering in one area, slide in with some interesting facts about the room or amenity they’re pondering. Don’t constantly shadow them and spout non-stop information! Doing this may distract them and make them uncomfortable. Because of this, they won’t fully appreciate the property, meaning there’s less chance of them wanting to live there. Be calm, light and polite. Know when to talk and when to let the property speak for itself.

4. Know The Area 

It’s essential to know the area around your property in order to properly market it. There’s no use having a beautiful home if your tenants are lost outside of it! We recommend having on-hand knowledge, though there are tips to help if you’d rather not rely on memory. 

Creating handout leaflets or even cards with area information is a fabulous idea to inform future tenants of the area they’ll be living in. As well as this, it comes across as professional and it’s something the tenant can keep. Here at Clooper, we release weekly area guides. Within these area guides, we detail amenities, venues, restaurants and the like that can be found within popular living spots in and around London. If you’re ever stuck on how to fill these leaflets, check back with us here to see what kind of things people are looking to know about their living areas. If we don’t have the exact area guide you need, we’re sure you’ll find some inspiration from our blog to help you along the way. 

To make this even more effective to attract tenants, know your tenants. For example, a single mother of four probably isn’t going to be too interested in the wild nightlife scene. On the same hand, a young single isn’t going to be interested in the local school soft plays! Learn about your tenants and adjust the information you’ll give them. 

5. Utilise Timing 

If you’re going to show off your property’s beautiful natural lighting, time it right! It’s no use marketing this to tenants and then being unable to show them when they arrive. They may doubt if your claims are genuine, which is disastrous because trust is essential between landlords and tenants. You’ll also be missing out on a major selling point! 

If the property kitchen is lit up by warm morning sunshine, arrange a morning showing. If the warm afternoon sunset spills into the halls at dusk, arrange a showing at dusk! On a similar note, scheduling a viewing while there are horrifically loud roadworks happening outside isn’t the best way to go. It’s hard to have a calm, professional conversation while shouting over loud equipment! 

Unsplash/Roseanna Smith

To summarise, tenants can tell if a Landlord is being pushy, faking a smile or checking their watch to leave every five minutes. To attract tenants: be calm, clean, professional, prepared and yourself! Nothing sells better than a smile does, and we’re sure yours is a lovely one. Remember to show it off! 

This blog post is not intended to constitute legal and or financial advice.