Why Opting For A Healthy Relationship With Your Landlord Benefits Your Living

Here Are Some Pointers On How To Maintain A healthy Relationship With Your Landlord. Which can benefit both your home and your lifestyle.

While your relationship with your landlord is very prevalent during the viewing process. It does not have to end once you have entered your new property. As a tenant, it is natural to position your focus on building your home once you have moved in. Maintaining a residency requires maximum effort. Even once you have settled in. So does keeping up with your bills. Amongst other priorities in your day to day. Such as balancing a professional and personal life.

We understand that you have got your hands full. Which likely, results in you prioritizing a relationship with your landlord, less and less. However, opting for a healthy relationship with your landlord can improve your life tremendously. And it does not have to get in the way of your other priorities. We are always here to advise you on ways to make your home living experience easier. Which inevitably benefits your home and lifestyle. Maintaining a relationship with your landlord does exactly that. Stick with us, we’ll show you how.


Moving in is no walk in the park. You may certainly face many challenges. One of them being damage repair. The prospect of property damage stays even once you have settled in. At any given time damage can occur. Causing damage to your property and grievance to you. At Clooper we want your at-home experience to always be smooth sailing. We suggest you check out our effective tenant prevention guide to reduce the risks of property damage. This will help minimize any chances of property damage. Inspiring you to create risk assessments to keep your property safe. 

However, there are always damages that are bound to appear big or small. What can reduce the stress that damaged property can bring, is if you and your landlord have a healthy relationship. Like every other relationship, there are benefits. That includes the relationship between you and your landlord, which is very much, “you scratch my back and I scratch yours”. 

As a tenant property damage is a serious issue that requires assistance. Your life becomes easier if you can confidently communicate to your landlord. Communication is nothing without comprehension. Having a landlord who is willing to listen to you is also very important. By understanding the exact issue that has happened with the property they can assist you accordingly.  And who is better to help you with damaged property, than your landlord? They know the property best!


While it is important to candidly communicate with your landlord about property problems. It is important to still maintain a balance. Talk to your landlord about issues you know they can help you out on. If there is a problem that you consider to be minor, ask a friend or neighbour to assist you. Remember this relationship is transactional. Remain professional and do not get too familiarized. Becoming overly friendly with your landlord can lead to complacency. 

Simply Business, Josh Hall, “How Friendly Should A Landlord Be With His Tenants”, discusses the dangers of over-familiarity. Hall speaks on the turn of events that can occur between a landlord and a tenant who become too friendly. Saying, “you must be able to keep sight of the fact that you have entered into a contract”. Hall continues on by saying “that the tenant must uphold their end of the bargain”. Suggesting that, “in the worst cases, over-familiarity can result in significant problems further down the line”. Hinting that a tenant might become more lenient on paying rent on time. Or ask for rent extensions once they become over-familiarized with their landlord. Hall confirms that “the threat of eviction is the final tool” if this becomes a constant occurrence.

Forming new relationships is part of the human experience. It is nice to get along with people. Having a good relationship with your landlord can provide so many benefits to your current life. However, being mindful to keep the relationship balanced is key. This can provide both you and your landlord security. This relationship depends on prioritizing the professional aspects first. If you are aware of that it can help you now and in the future.


It is good to note that opting for a healthy relationship with your landlord can also benefit you in the future. A good landlord’s reference can increase your chances of being viable for your next tenancy. Many landlords are keen on asking for a reference from a previous landlord. It gives them a more transparent image of what kind of person you are. Offers insight on how you occupy a property. If you pay your rent on time. How you communicate and your behaviour. Overall reinforcing a landlord’s trust in their prospective tenant. 

Your new landlord would already have all of this information on you through a tenant reference. However, what a landlord’s reference does is it strengthens your credibility. There is no one better to vouch for you than a trustworthy landlord who has already experienced renting to you. It is certain that a good landlord’s reference comes easily by forming a healthy relationship with them. A decision you make today can impact your future.


A healthy relationship should happen naturally. Don’t be forceful. Go at your own pace. The aim is to build a relationship with your landlord, how you would with anyone else but still being aware that there are boundaries. Good manners can take you a long way, start with that first. If you are asking your landlord to assist you with a problem, ask them respectfully, even if it is a contractual obligation.

Remember it costs nothing to say please and thank you. Eventually, over time a landlord will become aware of how kind and gracious you are. These are qualities they will not forget nor fail to remember when giving you a good landlord reference. Which is a great benefit for you now and you in the future. 

If you are interested in also building a relationship with your neighbour but unsure how Clooper’s got your back! You are one click away from forming new relationships that can benefit you and may just last a lifetime.