What Exactly Is A Short Let Apartment?

Unsplash/Julian Hochgesang

With the popularity boom caused by the pandemic, folks are beginning to opt for a Short Let Apartment rather than a hotel stay.

To put it plainly, there’s no one definition. It’s more of an umbrella term, with a general definition. Essentially, renting a short-let apartment is becoming more preferable than renting a hotel. Primarily to business professionals and travellers.

What’s The Difference?

We’re so glad you asked, reader! There can be numerous differences, and benefits, depending on who you ask. Many prefer the homelier feel of a short-let apartment. Here, you can cook your own meals, wash your own clothes, and enjoy your own space. They are often decorated to be a home away from home, too. Whereas hotels can feel unfamiliar in comparison. If you’re someone who travels a lot and misses the comfort of home, renting a short-let apartment could soothe some of those woes for you.

Unsplash/David Hellmann

What’s Good About Them?

A variety of things, for a variety of different people. Families appreciate them for their close-knit feel. In a hotel, a family holiday may feel quite far apart. Even when you’re supposed to be becoming closer as a family unit! This could occur due to the far-apart feel of the rooms, or the intrusion of strangers in your immediate area. A short-let apartment completely negates this by recreating the vibe of being at home. In one house, all together. No strangers, no staff, just you and your loved ones.

For business professionals, it’s the ease of access. It’s the fact that you can set up a little home whilst you’re away from your own. Being constantly on the move may feel a little uprooting, but with a short-let apartment, it doesn’t have to be. Besides, parking is usually much easier! There is also much more privacy. This is ideal for stays that are a little longer, too, around the six months mark. Hotels are fantastic and can be truly comforting, but six months in one may be too much for those of us who are prone to homesickness.

Not only this; as we adapt to the pandemic, safety is a huge concern. Short-let apartments take away the risk of transmission by minimizing contact with strangers. This is ideal for keeping peace of mind. Not to mention, keeping yourself safe!

How Much Are They?

That all depends on the short-let apartment! Things like location and size come into account. A short-let apartment could cost you anything from £500 a month to upwards of £1000. While saving money, it’s also important to pick the best short-let apartment for you. Not sure how to do that? No problem. We thought ahead and have prepared this handy guide to show you what to look for in this type of accommodation.

This blog post is not intended to constitute legal or financial advice.