What Can We Do For Those Who Are Homeless This Winter?

Unsplash/Jon Tyson

The Winter can be difficult for any of us, but people who are homeless are far more vulnerable to it.

Homelessness is something that could affect anyone. Ideally, however, it would affect no one. Here at Clooper, we are passionate about our belief that everyone should have a place to call home. While we strive to see a world where that is made a reality, here are a few ways to help out your community this winter.

Donate To A Charity

One of perhaps the more obvious: there are always good charities that require funding. Charities like the Passage strive to make a difference even after individuals have found homes. People affected by homelessness may also be struggling with mental health. Through their ‘No Night Out’ appeal, The Passage strives to aid this. They are currently fundraising for resources to assist in these efforts. You can find out more here. Shelter is also accepting donations to help provide people without homes with housing, food, and other general necessities here.

Donate Any Spare Items

Gloves, clothes, food tins. Anything helps. In the Winter, people who are homeless are vulnerable to exposure. Much like excess heat in the summer, the cold can be deadly. Next time you have a wardrobe clear out, set some clothes aside for donation. It doesn’t take long at all. Additionally, it could be the difference between safety and danger for another individual.

Remember furry friends, too! Dogs and cats are valued companions to people without homes especially. When you’re alone on the street, an animal companion provides much-needed companionship. Any spare dog or cat food would be sorely appreciated. Not to mention treats! Toys, beds, et cetera. Re-using not only helps your fellow human but helps the planet to boot.

Unsplash / Kelly Sikkema

Donate A Kind Word Or Two

We can all relate to having a bad day. When you’re missing a warm home and family to return to at the end of it, it could feel significantly worse. Many people who are homeless report feeling forgotten, or unseen. Not only are you combating the cold, hunger, you’re also combating loneliness. Sometimes something as simple as a hello can make the difference between a good or bad day for someone without a home.

When you see someone sitting alone, say hello. Maybe if you can spare it, buy them a coffee along with yours. Or a tea! As stated earlier, people without homes may be more susceptible to mental health struggles. You might make someone’s day simply by thinking to ask. Human beings are social by nature, so it makes sense that we strive to be connected at all times. By being that connection for someone, even for a few minutes, you could turn their entire day around.

As stated, none of us enjoy bad days. If low mood has got you down, here are some tips on how to start yourself on the climb back up again.