Unsure How To Keep Pets Cool In A Heatwave? Here’s What You Need To Know

clooper, keep pets cool in a heatwave
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It’s crucial to prepare for heat waves when you’re unused to them! It’s also important to try and protect those who are vulnerable to the heat. We’ve already spoken about how to help wildlife during these toasty times; how can we keep pets cool in a heatwave?


Pets can be silly. Especially if you’ve got two old lazy dogs as I do! Sometimes they can fall asleep in the sunshine or straight up be too lazy to move. Otherwise, some pets may have trouble finding shade for whatever reason.

Gently encourage your pet inside if they’ve been in the garden for quite some time. If you can, encourage them to find shade outside. Especially if there’s a breeze going. This is particularly vital for keeping pets with darker coats safe. They absorb the heat more readily and therefore can overheat quicker.


Dogs and cats don’t want to drink musty old water, just as we aren’t fond of it. Make sure to keep their bowls clean and topped up. Furthermore, remember to wash them regularly and let them fully dry before returning them to use!

If your pet fancies a change or doesn’t want to drink for whatever reason, try ice cubes. They add a little extra enrichment to staying hydrated. Not only this: ever heard of a pupsicle? Blend up dog-friendly snacks like peanut butter and banana with a little water and freeze them for 4–5 hours to make your very own pupsicles. However, make sure to double-check the safety of all the ingredients! Some things, like chocolate, can make pets poorly.

A lot of cats love ice. Many are picky eaters and may not appreciate any extra additions. Feel free to experiment with frozen tuna water or freeze some wet cat food into the mix though. Sounds rancid to us, but your feline may appreciate it!

clooper, keep pets cool in a heatwave
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Cooling packs are wonderful additions to any pet-loving home. They’re truly as simple as they sound. Purchase them and lay them on the ground and your furry friend can use them to regulate their body temperature. As well as this, they prevent overheating.

They’re usually simple blue mats filled with a cooling gel and water mix. However, we’re sure you can find some with funky patterns. Or maybe just some that’ll match the curtains. Nab a cooling mat anywhere from Amazon to Homebargains – maybe before the weekend hits to avoid a rush! Cooling mats are a popular way to keep pets cool in a heatwave.


If you’re wondering what it’s like to experience a walk at peak time as a dog, we’ve got a way to simulate that for you. Step one: put on the furriest, largest coat you own. Step two: take your shoes and socks off. Step three: go outside and stand on the concrete for as long as you can. Hot, right? Super hot! Not only that, incredibly dangerous.

Dogs can overheat very easily on walks. Especially the older they get! Walk your dog in the very early morning or the evening. It’s important for them to get their exercise, but it’s even more important for them to avoid heatstroke!

We know it may be tempting to play with your pups but remember not to pick games that are too strenuous. Go easy on them and yourself in this record heat! Not only this but if your dog’s a fan of the old ‘chase the hose water’ game, make sure the water is cool and not cold. Very cold water can shift your dog’s body temperature too quickly and make them sick – so have fun, but be careful.

clooper, keep pets cool in a heatwave
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We hope you have no trouble keeping your pets cool in a heatwave. However, if you do, we’d rather you be prepared. Here are some signs of possible heatstroke in dogs:

  • Excess drooling or salivating.
  • Panting that increases over time.
  • Agitation and restlessness.
  • A bright red tongue with red or very pale gums.
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Vomiting and diarrhoea.
  • Rapid heartbeat.

For cats, the symptoms are the same but may be more subtle. Cats will also usually pace back and forth when suffering from heatstroke.

Heatstroke can be life-threatening to our furry friends, so here’s what to do if you suspect your pet is suffering from it: call your vet immediately. In the meanwhile, move the pet to a shaded area and pour COOL (not cold) water over them. Also, do not place cold wet towels on top of them. This can trap heat instead of helping! Follow your veterinarians’ advice and take your pet to them urgently when they’re cool enough.

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