Why Clooper Started From A Curious Dream In 2018

Toks Adebiyi started Clooper from a curious dream in 2018.

Toks Adebiyi saw the need for a streamlined property management system after having to sort through a slew of time-consuming processes as a homeowner, landlord, property manager, and tenant at various points in his life.

“Did you know that 86% of private landlords manage properties themselves and find it a pain in the backside? (I was one of them.)

Having experienced life as a tenant, homeowner, landlord and property manager, I had gone through a good part of 15 years of managing my home and properties the traditional way. All with piles of paperwork ranging from tenancy to maintenance, finance documents and so on.

I was an experienced landlord with established systems. However, I found the process to be time-consuming and frustrating. Having to go from system to system to system for each part of the process was the most frustrating thing… and I don’t want to even mention the paperwork.

It reached the boiling point when I had to sort urgent property maintenance issues during much-needed family holidays. I was upset the tenants were disturbing my holiday. The tenants were upset that I sounded upset when they needed something fixed.

This was the tipping point for me. My heartfelt desire was to be a good landlord/property manager. However, I also did not want to spend many hours going through websites and calling contacts to find reputable local tradespeople to get quotes. This was only a short break and it was meant to be an escape from it all.

I thought about all the people that might be going through similar frustrations whilst doing their best to keep the property in good condition. I thought there must be a way to make everyone’s life easier. My life’s purpose had been (and still is) to help people live joyful lives. I even wrote a book about it called “Joyful”.

Then I had a dream about Clooper. It was so clear. An idea that would connect people in order to resolve the pain of going helter-skelter to fulfil the end-to-end journey of renting or managing a property.

Finally, landlords would be able to claw back their precious time whilst providing a great service to tenants. Tradespeople would be able to find more work and earn a living. Homeowners would be able to save time & hassle by finding good local tradespeople and managing repairs & improvement works all from their phone.

The idea was a win for everybody. It would also result in better housing provision for the society and more joyful life for everyone…

This was the beginning of Clooper. A multi-sided property management platform that connects landlords, tenants, trade services and homeowners together to facilitate easy transactions and a healthy relationship between them.

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Photo: Toks Adebiyi (founder of Clooper) and Matt Wilson (co-founder of Clooper) at the Joyful Book Launch in 2016. The philosophy driving their will to improve property management.