Tenants Here’s How To Make A Good First Impression On Your Landlord

Are you a tenant looking to make a good first impression on your landlord? We have some suggestions that you might find useful.

If you are a tenant looking for a place to live, you should definitely put your best foot forward.

After you’ve found a rental property you like, you’ll have to go through a series of references, interviewing, and documentation checks before you can move in.


It’s safe to say that you should make an impression because you’ll need everything to work in your favour if you want the house.

These suggestions will assist you in getting started in the right direction.

Be On Time (For Viewings)

When it comes to viewings, landlords work hard; most of the time, they already have another one scheduled for the moment yours ends. Arriving late for your viewings may cause you to miss your time slot, which may result in you missing out on that property or, worse, making a bad impression. Being on time is simply common courtesy, and it could make or break your chances of finding your ideal home in this case.

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Unsplash/Maria Ziegler
Come Prepared

Make sure you have your documents with you. When looking for a rental property, you will need to provide certain documents like proof of identity, such as a passport or driver’s licence, proof of earnings (so the landlord knows you can afford the rent), references amongst others. Make sure you have everything the landlord may need with you.

Look The Part

You don’t have to dress up like it’s a black-tie ‘event,’ but you should look presentable; as if you care enough to look decent. So dress the part and go business casual.

Show Interest

Ask questions. This shows your genuine interest in the property. Thank the landlord for taking the time to show you their property and answering your questions. Simply be courteous in general.

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