Rental Properties With Value For Money in London

Looking for rental properties with great value for money in London?

London isn’t the most affordable city to live in – it has one of the busiest rental property markets in the world, and rental prices can appear to be quite high – but It’s always a good idea to look for rental properties that offer great value for money.

To find the best value in London, where the average rent is around £2,002 per month, compare the rental price for the area to both the London average and neighbouring areas. When allocating value to a specific area or location, you should consider factors such as transportation links and ongoing regeneration schemes.

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Some areas in London, for example, have yet to catch up to the more expensive ones, but they may be a good value for money for you to consider.

Barking currently has a rental average of £1,343. Despite being slightly outside of London, the Hammersmith & City line connects the area to the city centre.

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As London grows, low-cost rental opportunities in the city center become scarce, prompting developers to look to areas such as Barking to further expand London’s property market. Barking’s rental market value may rise as a result of this influx.


Lewisham is another interesting London rental area, with an average monthly rent of £1,365.

The area is undergoing construction, with the majority of the buildings being flat blocks. Lewisham has a thriving and exciting community. It is also home to Lewisham Gateway, the largest redevelopment project in southeast London. 

rental properties - Lewisham
Tide Construction – Lewisham Copyright – Richard Southall

The area is extremely well connected to the business district; with the DLR, National Rail, and a well-serviced shuttle bus system among transit options, you can be in the heart of London in just 10 minutes. Lewisham’s rental market may rise in value, making it a desirable place to live in London.


Croydon, a large town in South London, is one of the three most affordable places to live in the city, with an average monthly rent of £1,151.

The area has been restructured, with over £5 billion invested in various projects such as the development of innovative retail facilities and a new train station.

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Once the regeneration process is complete, all of these prospects may almost certainly add significant value to Croydon and the rental market. As a result, exploring the Croydon rental market and securing a good deal may not be such a bad idea.

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