How Can I Find A Flat In The UK

Finding your own cosy place to live life can be exhausting but exciting. Browsing through hundreds of flats that could tick all your boxes of requirements is rare and sometimes it’s even unreal. We know the sacrifices you must make to satisfy your soul and pace in your home; therefore, we are here to help answer your questions on “how can I find a flat in the UK?”.

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We’ve been through that, and we want to help by providing 3 essential points below:

1. Create A “Forte” List

You might ask yourself what do we mean by “forte”? And to simply answer your question (how can I find a flat in the UK?), we mean creating a list of ‘strong points’ where you determine what kind of flat do you want to rent or own; how many rooms you prefer the flat to be, what area of the UK you wish to be living in; what is the price range you can afford to pay for the flat per month etc.

Different tenants have different lifestyles, for example, someone might be an outgoing person that enjoys partying, therefore, they prefer to be placed somewhere where the city attractions and fun are easier to access. On the other side, a family of three members that enjoy silence would prefer to live in a quiet and peaceful neighbourhood surrounded by green spaces and good schools. Therefore, making choices towards your flat will automatically exclude a lot of options from the list which will eventually be to your own advantage.

Consequently, creating a few bullet points of your priorities would push you straight into the world of searching for your desired properties, therefore, it would be a helpful tool to understand and modify whether the property fits your requirements or not.

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2. Property Portals

We know how valuable time is and we wish to respect yours by saving it from the unplanned visits with landlords and the long process of renting a flat.

At Clooper you can manage your own time by communicating and negotiating with the landlord of the flat you wish to rent, as to when it is convenient for your both to arrange a meeting.

Technology allows us to keep ahead of our time and manage it effectively. Therefore, the next step into finding the right flat is doing your own research on online platforms as here is where the majority of property offers will be found.

Here is where Clooper comes in handy as per the amassing services we offer:

– We allow you to surf through a vast number of properties from your own device at any time whenever you wish to.

– We give you the opportunity to personally chat with the landlords of the properties. You can ask for further assistance/ concerns/ or even more details about the neighbourhood or the type of heating in the flat.

– We embrace inclusivity; therefore, you can share your personal interests to stand out from the competition and get prioritised.

Also, do not feel hesitant to ask for any offers on big platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Most time, someone could be looking for tenants in their flat.

At the end of the day, confidence is key!

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3. Get Yourself Out There

Most of the landlords giving their flats to rent will wish to receive them back in good condition. So, once you find your perfect place that ticks all your boxes on your “forte list”, you need to make sure that you prove to the landlord that you are interested in the property. And are worthy of keeping the flat in a good condition.

Most of the time, landlords will ask for a previous landlord reference saying that:

  • You are a trustworthy person.
  • You do not destroy goods left to you by the landlord.
  • You respect your neighbours, and you pay your rent or time.

This will be a definite point for the landlord. They will create an image of what type of tenant you are. This may seem a bit overwhelming, but it can definitely make a difference. It will also help you get the flat that you are dreaming of. The more well-prepared and organised you are, the better the flat you’ll be able to find.

Finding an apartment in the UK is NOT easy.

However, it can get easier, if you know what you want, and you are willing to keep yourself organised throughout the process. The key to getting the flat you want is confidence and an overwhelming wave of questions whenever you feel. And Clooper is all here for it!

This blog post is not intended to constitute legal or financial advice.