Here’s How Learning A Skilled Trade Can Benefit Your Career

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When you’re just starting to ponder your career, things can seem overwhelming. Maybe you’re unsure what you want to do or unsure of where to begin. A skilled trade could definitely be a worthy option to choose. Here are just a few ways that becoming a tradesperson could benefit you and your future indefinitely.


There is rarely, if ever, a shortage for those who possess a skilled trade job. Whether you’re a landscaper, electrician or plumber: you can be sure to find a job that needs to be done. Especially if you sign up to Clooper to start boosting your clientele base!

With many older tradespeople retiring, it’s doubly advantageous to learn a skilled trade in your education as demand increases. When there is a lack of skilled tradespeople, contractors often turn their searches abroad. This can be costly and time-consuming. Rest assured they’d much rather hire someone local and that someone could be you!


One clear benefit of learning a skilled trade is that in future, you can manage yourself and your work. Book your own holidays, plan your own work schedule, choose your own workload and often times even your own salary. While this comes with a lot of responsibility, it is a great asset of being a tradesperson.

Although this is far from an office job, you still maintain the ability to meet and connect with people every day. Some may even argue it’s better than an office job. You can travel to new places, discover new people frequently, and even stop off at your favourite restaurant for lunch if you want to. Learning a skilled trade means you’ll have more autonomy and freedom in your career options down the line.


Not everyone is able to learn a skilled trade, or perhaps their future lies elsewhere. Regardless: you’ll be a great boon to your community with these unique and valuable skills. The more you hone your craft, the further your reach will outstretch also. It’s so rewarding knowing that what you do will help others, though the payslips often make it that much more beneficial.

Electricians alone make around £150 – £180 on a day rate, with builders looking at around £150 – £280 on a day rate. These are all subject to change based on experience, location and qualifications of course. Nonetheless, learning a skilled trade can significantly increase your financial income.

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