Happy Earth Day From Clooper!

Unsplash / Elena Mozhvilo

Earth Day came about to push the topic of climate change into the limelight. Now, it serves very much the same purpose.

Climate change and environmental harm are very real things. This world is ours and we only get one, so we need to treat it right. There are no do-overs when it comes to the safety of the planet! EARTHDAY.ORG, the organizers behind Earth Day ( what gave it away? ) themselves say that a ‘’green future is a prosperous future.’’ 

A Look At The Climate Crisis

Human activity is causing our planet to warm at, what is widely recognised as, a concerning pace. Numerous scientists have warned that we have little over a decade to solve this crisis. We must push for positive change and halve our emissions, in order to avoid the most devastating impacts of climate change on our ‘food supply, national security, global health, extreme weather and more.’ With this in mind, there’s no time like the present to act. 

Climate change affects all of us, individually and as a collective, and it’s something we all must tackle together. Of course, no one individual ( nor company ) can take on this mammoth challenge alone, but here are a few ways you can get involved and help. Even if just a little!

Listen And Learn 

Getting stuck in the thick of things may be intimidating for some. We understand that not everyone is in the right frame of mind to read over the upsetting details of climate change. With this in mind, we’d never ask anyone to overextend themselves.

However: if you wield the knowledge and facts behind climate change, you may find yourself better prepared for it. Read up on it when you can, stay in the know, and be aware of environmental harm in your area that you can possibly assist with or avoid contributing to. You don’t need to know everything; knowing something is better than knowing nothing at all. What better day to start learning than Earth Day?

Unsplash / Hannah Busing

Use Your Voice 

Social media gives us all a platform. It’s entirely up to us how we choose to use them. Some keep them private, some keep them personal: some use them for comedy and some use them to speak out about important issues. Climate change is one of those issues. 

It’s imperative that the youth of today are made aware of the climate crisis, so everyone can be as involved as possible. Many young people learn, additionally, through social media. If you have a large platform ( or indeed a platform at all ), one way you can help during Earth Day is by raising awareness about climate change. Write your own posts or share those of others – either way, you’re using your platform for good and people will listen. Not only this, most likely they’ll benefit from it. Dealing with and experiencing climate change can be incredibly taxing. Knowing that we’re all in it together can massively boost morale.

Be Mindful When You Shop 

As EARTHDAY.ORG explains, your power as a consumer can be incredibly impactful. Shopping smarter, ie prioritizing products that won’t harm the environment, is a very easy way to help the planet. Similarly, prioritising ethically sourced clothing / pre-loved clothing is essential to combat fast fashion. The global fashion industry is one of the largest contributors to climate change. Unsurprising when you realize how detrimental fast fashion truly is.

Our landfills are absolutely overflowing with clothes that people buy, wear once, and then throw away. This is one of the factors that is causing our planet to suffer immensely. By doing something as simple as shopping secondhand, you can make sure your clothes don’t add to the pile. Therefore, contributing to saving our environment – and indeed the very planet we live on.

You’d be surprised what you can find at your local charity shop. Many have reservations about wearing pre-loved clothes, but with that logic, where does it end? Must we never use a glass at a restaurant again, because others have used it? No! We clean the glass and re-use it. It’s that simple. Besides, we barely even think of these anxieties otherwise, so why apply them to fashion?

There are many, many ways to combat the climate crisis. These are just three, but you can learn so much more here – and to learn more about Clooper’s CSR, see our page here.

Lastly, from us to you: have a wonderful Earth Day!