Global Mobility: A Beginners Introduction

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Global Mobility, simply put, is a company’s ability to successfully move its employees from one country to another.

Of course, there’s more to it than that. If only it were that simple! Global Mobility means that businesses can expand their outreach and explore international markets. It can broaden minds and inspire, all while connecting with other professionals and finding exciting new opportunities abroad.

What Exactly Does It Entail?

The specifics differ within each separate company, we’re sure: generally, global mobility centres around ‘mobile employees.’ These employees are sent across countries, to stay ( long or short-term ) and work on varying assignments, work duties, networking opportunities and the like.

If a company is successful with Global Mobility, they can move these employees worldwide with little to no complications. They must ensure that the employee is adequately prepared for becoming mobile, also. There’s far more to it than simply hopping on a train.

Employees must be properly aware of a country’s laws, how to acclimatise to their culture, possibly learn a language if they are going to be living at a new location permanently for work. On top of this: differing tax laws must be considered, and pensions and global payroll must be properly handled. Efficient Global Mobility is as much about protecting the employee as it is about expanding the business.

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What Are The Positives?

There is a wide variety! Not only is being mobile good for business, but it also has more compassionate benefits.

Millennials are fast taking over the workplace. They are often keen to learn, and many suggest that they’d be more than happy to move abroad. By having these employees as mobile employees, you’re capitalizing on having talented employees worldwide, of course, but your employees also benefit. They get to live a life in a new land, learn and love a new culture, perhaps connect with or reconnect with their own.

Moving abroad as a mobile employee is also a valuable learning opportunity. Individuals can learn and take on advice and knowledge from entirely different perspectives, in an entirely different place. They can utilize that in the work that they do for their company. As well as the work they may do in their personal life, or that they are doing towards their personal goals. It’s an opportunity that inspires growth and the fostering of talent for all involved.

Not only this: by making employees mobile, you get to keep them. Instead of hiring new employees abroad. You can look within your business for trusted individuals to send out and keep your staff close to the heart. Figuratively, of course.

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Is It Very Difficult?

Many companies have known stress while putting Global Mobility in place. This is almost to be expected with change, however. If you’re prepared, the stress can be negated significantly.

Taking on mobile employees or making employees mobile involves a lot of behind the scenes. As we mentioned, there is a lot of paperwork involved. Undoubtedly there is also a lot of research involved. We advise coming up with a Global Mobility strategy. Simply put: a strategy adapted to your business in order to seamlessly integrate your employees into other countries. Remember that strategies will differ for every company. Personalize and perfect yours accordingly.

Also, pick your employees carefully. Ensure that this is what’s the best possible path forward for them. As mentioned, keeping them safe and at their best is always a priority. You also don’t want to find an apartment for them that will be uncomfortable, or that could make them unhappy. Start your search with Clooper, where we prioritize finding our customers a happy home that they can take with them anywhere. Short-term or long-term. Ideal for mobile employees!