First Time Moving House? Here’s Some Tips You May Have Missed.

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The big day has come: you’re moving house! There’s a lot of anxiety that comes with moving for the first time, so here at Clooper, we’ve surmised five top tips you may have missed to make your first move an easier and more exciting one.

Purge Your Belongings

We know: you really love that mug you got from that holiday ten years ago. Do you really use it though? When you’re moving house, you’re breaching a brand new horizon. With these new beginnings, it’s encouraged that you have a good old fashioned clear out as we like to say in London. Go through your belongings with your partner, family, or even just alone and decide what you really need and what you really love. If you’re at a loss with what to do with old garments, kitchenware or furniture: a donation is always an option. We at Clooper believe strongly that our work should benefit others. Even in our personal lives, the Cloop’d team strive to give to those less fortunate than us, so we may help cultivate a world where everyone can live happily and safely. By simply donating some old clothes, you could be the difference between a night spent freezing or a night spent warm for rough sleepers. To find out more about our CSR and work with charities, click here.

Get The Best Deals On Your Bills

Moving house can be pricey, so there’s no need to pile onto that by paying out unnecessarily on your energy bills. Broadband, gas and electric bills can pile up over time. By comparing the best deals on the market, you can see first-hand whether or not you’re overpaying compared to other services on the market. Sound like a lot of work? Have a look into energy switching services. Energy switching services do a lot of the hard work for you, such as finding and comparing the best deals. They even cycle through them monthly, so you’re much less to overpay on your bills. Interested? Check out our handy blog post here with more details.

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Measure Furniture And Doorways

Moving house, as we all know, can be tiresome. One thing you could do without, we’re sure, is dancing around doorways holding huge sofas. You’re stumped because you’re sure it would fit! But no one measured it properly. It’s just an inch or so off. Not many first time movers think so do something so minute, but it can save you a world of time. So many first time movers have horror stories about having to leave furniture behind. Otherwise, the moving team had to stay at their house for much longer than necessary. All because they forgot one simple thing: measure those doorways and that furniture! This will give you plenty of time to disassemble furniture, or plan alternate routes.

Budget, Budget, Budget

Before moving house, it’s essential to batten down that job and secure your finances before going anywhere. It’s also highly advisable to budget. Budget for your move, budget for your new home, budget for your future. How much are you going to spend on new furniture, if any at all? Are you selling any old furniture? How about your weekly budget, with your new rent? Your grocery shop? All of these things are much easier to process and figure out when you have them written down somewhere. Have it all out in front of you, get comfy with your calculator and a cuppa, and plan ahead.

Research Your New Home!

We’ve all done it: we’re so excited to get somewhere new, we forget to really do the research. Sure, you know there’s a cinema nearby. A cool new park, too! But where are the grocery stores? Where’s the big Tesco? Where are the best restaurants, or the nicest cafes? What about the local gym, or swimming pools? You don’t want to show up after a long moving process, settle down for a takeaway then realize: where are the takeaways? Ensure to research the basic amenities before you move. Even if you only know of a few, it’s better than knowing nothing at all in an unfamiliar area. At Clooper, we are proud to bring you weekly area guides for popular and exciting places to live in London. We cover all the bases: schools, unique attractions, gyms and other amenities. Give them a look here.

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Finally, a little tip from us: be kind to yourself. Moving house for the first time is stressful and can seem hard, but you’ve come this far and it’s so worth it! Feel proud as you set off on this new stage of your journey. You’re so, so close to that dream home you’ve worked so hard for and if you get a little overwhelmed: that’s okay. We at Clooper understand that we’re all human, so we created a handy blog post including helpful ways to manage stress and anxiety. Have a little look here: well done on your first big move, and good luck!

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