Energy Switching: What’s It Really All About?

Energy switching services are a nifty tool to save money and energy. However, surprisingly, they aren’t as widely known about as you may think.

Studies have shown that as many as 1 in 3 people feel they aren’t knowledgeable enough about energy switching. This means they could be missing out on better deals and therefore, missing out on saving more money on their bills. Here’s where energy switching swoops in to save the day.

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What is energy switching?

Energy switching services compare gas, electricity, broadband and often even mobile phone bill prices. Some services will auto-switch for you. While others will simply gather up the best deals for you so you can choose from a wide variety. It seems a simple service but can be a world of difference for your finances. It doesn’t end there either: energy switching services will continuously check and compare prices. Also, as a standard for these services, they will alert you to new deals and you can decide to opt-out of switching if you don’t want to. The legwork is done for you by the service, though ultimately the control is still yours.

How can it benefit me?

Energy switching can be useful for a multitude of reasons. Here are three of the most prominent benefits:

  • Due to the fact that energy switching services continually check and compare prices, you’re assured you’re always getting the best deals cycled through. Without such a service, you may have to do much more legwork. I.e: googling for reputable energy brands, comparing deals manually and reminding yourself to check and recheck your deals every six months or so.
  • You won’t ever forget to compare your energy deals with others, meaning there’s less chance you’ll be stuck overpaying on your bills for longer. There’s nothing worse than throwing money down the metaphorical drain when it could be saved, or spent on more pressing matters.
  • You’ll have your pick of the bunch of the best deals on the market. Switching services will flag them up for you and then often you can choose between them, or choose whether or not to switch to the deal they have found for you. You could end up saving up anywhere from £50 to £200 pounds on your bills, depending on the exact deals found!

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