Business Travel Show Europe 2022: Clooper on The Importance of Relationship Building

Toks Adebiyi, Matt Wilson
Clooper Founders; Toks Adebiyi & Matt Wilson at the Business Travel Show Europe 2022

The Business Travel Show Europe 2022 that was held recently was a good run!

According to Clooper founders, Toks Adebiyi and Matt Wilson, the Business Travel Show Europe 2022, held on June 29 – 30, 2022, was indeed an experience.

Face-to-face meetings, education, exhibition, and, of course, networking with similar brands under one roof were all part of the business travel show. This was held both online and in-person at ExCeL London.

Business Travel Show Europe 2022 -Toks Adebiyi = Clooper
Toks Adebiyi, Lukas Neckermann

This has been the bane since the first exhibition in 1994. And this edition was no exception, as stakeholders from the corporate travel industry gathered under one roof.

“We met many wonderful people and learned a lot as well. We learned a lot by being there and seeing what other people were doing. What the industry is up to, and attending seminars.

It was informative, and I am confident that it will have a significant and positive impact on our strategy”. Clooper founder Toks Adebiyi shares his outtakes from the exhibition.

Toks, Matt & Paul Dear
Clooper’s Toks Adebiyi & Matt Wilson with Paul Dear

In terms of personal relationships:

“Since the pandemic, many of us have become socially lazy. Everyone just wants to sit at their desks and work and there isn’t as much value placed on interacting with individuals.”

Everyone wants to work, but this was a great eye-opener to remind us of the importance of interacting with others. Especially with people, you share a lot of businesses with them and businesses you can feed off of in the same industry. Toks discusses the importance of re-establishing in-person relationships after COVID.

In terms of business and strategy:

We also received new business and met with a few potential clients with whom we intend to do business.

We met with existing clients and were able to almost solidify the relationship because we’d all been communicating remotely and such. It’s great to finally meet them in person. 

It reminded me of that value it was a bit of a wake-up call that we need to get beyond sitting behind the desks a lot more now because things are getting back.

The first day was extremely busy, but the second day was not as busy.

I’m confident that by attending that event, Clooper will become a stronger and better company by attending that event. Toks shares.

For the past 27 years, the Business Travel Show Europe has been held as a face-to-face exhibition in various venues throughout London, UK. Over the years, the event has established itself as Europe’s largest exhibition and conference for the corporate travel community.