The Clooper Guide To Bromley

Bromley is a culturally rich and family-oriented town with a wide variety of appeal beyond even that.

Delightfully green and regarded as one of the safest places to live in London, Bromley locals tend to lean towards the more sunny dispositions. Add on a thriving entertainment scene, a star-studded community and more than a few stunning parks: you’ve got yourself a very attractive place to live.


TO BUY: Bromley has been home to David Bowie, Dina-Asher Smith and even Charles Darwin! Property prices also tend to be a little higher due to the wide general appeal of the locale. For a smaller apartment or studio apartment, prices can begin from around £80,000 or in the £100,000s. Bungalows and quainter homes you may be able to net for around £500,000, depending on the exact location.

TO RENT: There are various house shares available, especially the closer to stations that you go. These begin from around £500 per month, usually with bills included. You can even get single bedroom apartments for as little as £900, which is very generous for such a highly coveted area.

TO STAY: Typically, luxury serviced apartments in Bromley and the surrounding area start at around £119 per night. You can browse through some of our available properties here.

Unsplash / Derek Braithwaite


In Bromley, there is plenty of space for recreation and exercise, as well as leisure and relaxation. We’ll start off with the eponymous ‘Bromley Park.’ This park is an impressive size and boasts a similarly sizeable play area. There is a sandpit for children to play in, plenty of wooded areas for picnicking, a relaxing pond with waterfowl and various other fauna to be found and a pleasant display of flowers to boot. There is also plenty of seating available through the park, should you need or even fancy a rest as you navigate the woodland.

Norman Park has an incredibly endearing name and a playground of its own, though it’s more frequented by dog walkers for its spacious fields and by sporty individuals for its football pitches. It’s encircled by a huge path, making it ideal for a leisurely stroll too! Due to its size, Norman Park also hosts various events like car boot sales on Sundays, an ice cream vendor, a coffee van, and even an occasional Car Pageant! Bromley values its community very highly and is highly regarded by its community in turn.

Our final recommendation is Church House Gardens. These gardens have two play areas available, which speaks for how large and all-encompassing it is. In one play area, there is a sandpit available, and the entire park has a very cosy, classic feel to it. There are also four tennis courts, a five a side court and a skate park. If you’re lucky enough to catch a show at the garden’s amphitheatre, locals say it’ll be a night to remember! People love Church House Gardens for its aesthetic beauty along with its exciting array of activities. This park is one of the more visually pleasing: populated by ducks with a pretty display of well-kept shrubberies and trees.


Bromley is popular for a reason. Both with people looking for their forever homes, and with holidayers looking for a tranquil weekend or two. Or even an adventure of historical discovery, a laser quest, or simply a day spent in one of this areas many leafy woodland retreats.

  • Chislehurst Caves are our first recommendation, and I personally have been here before! The caves are a ‘labyrinth of man-made tunnels’ originally dug out to farm chalk. This chalk was then used in lime burning and brick making. The staff are very well informed and incredibly friendly, and the caves have even been used as a venue for jazz performances. I remember it being incredibly dark though, so watch your footing — and wear comfy shoes!
  • Operation Escape is, as we’re sure you may have guessed, a collection of escape rooms. Can you and your friends escape in under an hour? Apparently, all it takes is a little teamwork!
  • Bromley Comedy at the Churchill Theatre is a cosy venue that sets you closer to the act. Whether or not that’s a good thing for you, we’re sure, depends on which act you’re going to see! Pro tip: don’t sit in the front row of a comedy show if you don’t want to be picked on. Unless that sort of thing makes you laugh, of course, then sit as close as you like!
  • Laser Quest Bromley is largely self-explanatory. Staff are highly praised and the venue itself is kept in fantastic condition; it’s a hit for children’s birthdays, particularly.
  • Bromley Football Club is last but certainly not least. There are occasional home matches here, as well are various events throughout the year. You can even hire out the two function facilities at Bromley Football Club for your own events.
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The Glades is where you’ll find many of Bromleys amenities. The Glades is a large shopping mall that is actively involved in the community and regularly hosts various events. Some of these events are charity walks, celebrating new restaurants opening, hosting foodbank drop-offs and even celebrations for the malls birthday! The Glades proudly note that they’ve been part of Bromley for thirty years now.

There are a wide variety or stores to choose from in The Glades. You can find a lot of popular brands here. Stores like Boots, Apple, H&M, HMV, Paperchase and MenKind for example. There is also a RUSH Hair & Beauty, a laser removal clinic, and even a Time 4 Pets. The Glades also hosts many restaurants and coffee shops, even. Locals note that this mall is incredibly large, so not only is it convenient to have on your doorstep, but it’s often a day out in itself!

There are popular stores and supermarkets lining Bromley High Street. You can find many newsagents dotting the street, as well as a library, a theatre, and of course, Bromley North Station is close by. Additionally, cafe culture is absolutely booming in this particular locale. A number of independently owned coffee shops are nestled in between your Tesco Expresses and your Cricket Clubs, which are also numerous. There are many sporty individuals in Bromley! Because of this, you can find many golf courses and playing fields in the area. Bromleys Golf Club even meets every Sunday and is welcoming of players of all abilities.


The fantastic array of schools is one thing that makes Bromley so family-oriented. There are options for both public and private education in the area and schools are all fairly easy to travel to. Especially considering Bromleys travel links, which can get you to London Victoria in a little under twenty minutes.

Bromley High is a popular choice for students and is a single-gender school for girls. There are also Highfield Infants and Bishop Challoner School to choose from, as well as a number of other academies to choose from.