The Clooper Guide To Toronto, ON

Toronto is one of the coolest cities in Canada. We don’t just mean that as something of a temperature pun! This city is a vibrant and beloved one, with locals and visitors alike celebrating it for its festivals, bars, restaurants, multiculturalism and warm community vibes.


Toronto has long since been a hub of commercial, financial, industrial and cultural life. Its history dates all the way back to the end of the Ice Age, with its population only ever growing since then.

Moreover, the city is surrounded by fantastic resources. For one there is Lake Ontario. For another, the farmlands around the city are known to yield bounteous crops. Finally, Toronto is the closest Canadian city to the border of the United States of America. This makes it a very popular trading location, and this altogether makes for a thriving environment.

As well as this, Toronto is very culturally rich. Many migrated to Toronto after World War Two, fleeing Europe and seeking safety in a new beginning. This led to a very diverse collection of locals. This is reflected in the city layout, as there are a great many neighbourhoods, each with its own clear cultural influences – from cuisine to local amenities and places of worship.


LIVING & RENTING: Toronto is a highly coveted area to live in. This is reflected in the prices, as a one-bedroom would cost you upwards of $20,000 dollars, which is around £17,000 pounds. In terms of renting: a decently sized single or double bedroom may cost you anywhere from $1,900 to $2,500.

STAYING: Serviced apartments in and around Toronto usually begin at around $94 a day. Find your ideal lodging here!


If you’re a fan of the great outdoors you’re certainly going to love Toronto. You’re going to love Canada in general, we reckon! One gem of a park in this specific area is High Park, and it’s an almost five-star rated experience for multiple reasons. To begin, there is a zoo, a children’s playground, a variety of hiking trails and sports fields and plenty of room to roam around. Around the middle of the year, the trees erupt with beautiful cherry blossoms. Additionally, there are far more lush collections of flora to appreciate. This park is very well maintained, by park officials and visitors alike.

Another fan favourite is Rouge National Urban Park. This particular park opens early too, so you can catch some gorgeous sunrises if you’re an early bird! Rouge National is a preservation area primarily. It’s also a very historical location, as some of Canada’s oldest known Indigenous sites can be found here. This park is primarily loved for its hiking trails and historical value, and you can even take your bike for a ride if you’re so inclined. However, you choose to soak up the sights we’re sure you’ll marvel at them. Canada is truly beautiful, and you have that beauty right on your doorstep in Toronto.

Our final and very worthy mention is Queen’s Park. This one is quite different to our other mentions, as it’s in a more industrialized area, and contains several statues and a memorial square. It’s certainly a place for quiet reflection, not a fast-paced adventure. Locals claim that the best time to visit is in the Autumn. When the leaves are just starting to burst into shades of yellow, Queen’s Park is particularly beautiful, just don’t forget your mittens!

Unsplash / Conor Samuel


As we’ve mentioned before, Toronto is very culturally rich. This means there is a surplus of diverse restaurants, bars, attractions and events to visit throughout the city. There’s also a decent mix of historical sites and buildings. Here are just some of the local’s most loved.

  • St Lawrence Market. This hefty market is open on weekends and boasts 100+ vendors. Here, you can find bakers, butchers, craftsmen, antique sellers and more.
  • Casa Loma. Being a popular Museum, Casa Loma is often busy, but well worth the crowds. This 18th-century castle is open to the public for tours and there are even gardens to visit that open seasonally.
  • Ripleys Aquarium of Canada, an almost five-star rated establishment, is as its name may suggest — an aquarium. However, this is one of the most expansive museums in Canada. There are even various events and educational classes hosted here.
  • The Royal Ontario Museum is another well-loved landmark. This museum features a variety of exhibits documenting Canada’s natural history and artwork from various cultures around the world.


While each attraction in Toronto has its own charm, there are some that just eke out ahead of the rest. Aspects like their location, friendly staff, fantastic foods and bargain discounts all make these recommendations some of the most beloved by far in this region.

Toronto Zoo is a must-see. Not only does this zoo feature large, spacious habitats for its animals — there is also a large botanical collection and various gardens to explore. There are additionally indoor exhibits. This means if it rains, you and the animals have somewhere warm and dry to hide out in. Many who visit this zoo claim it to be a fantastic family experience. We certainly recommend it if you’re visiting Toronto with your loved ones.

In terms of cuisine: there’s some debate here! There are so many brilliant restaurants dotted around the city, it’s hard to choose. Even long-time locals are still divided about their favourites! One establishment that many raved about was Aloette. Aloette serves ‘elevated comfort dishes’ along with Canadian and French staples. You can opt for a burger, some carpaccio, scallops, whatever your heart desires — and if the reviews are anything to go by, it’ll be some of the finest dining around!

If you’re a fan of a boogie every now and then, you’ll be a fan of Barcode Saturdays, located inside of NEST in Toronto. This night is famed throughout the city for being a celebrity hotspot and promises to provide partygoers with a night of excellence. Additionally, you can hire out the club for your own parties — and there are a variety of bottle service packages available to really give your night that party pizazz.

Unsplash / Daniel Novykov


Toronto is located in Ontario, Canada, and is extraordinarily well located to boot. You can reach a variety of Canadian cities by merely taking a road trip, which we recommend if you’re into sightseeing, but you can of course also fly from Toronto Pearson International Airport. You can also use a variety of public transit, such as trains, to get you from A to B.

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