The Clooper Guide To Vauxhall

Vauxhall makes south of the river the place to be in London, and here’s why.

Chock full of luxury developments, quirky cocktail bars, fantastic transport links and regular live music – Vauxhall is a beloved area to live or stay in… and it’s easy to see why.


TO BUY: Vauxhall has gone through various refurbishments over the year. This is reflected in the prices. Smaller properties run for around £200,000, climbing up to the £500,000 level for multiple bedroom homes. Penthouses and luxury Victorian properties can cost within the millions.

TO RENT: Renting is a similar story in Vauxhall. Even a flatshare can cost you £1,000pcm, with most one-bedroom flats costing a little above that at £1,200pcm.

TO STAY: Typically, luxury serviced apartments in Vauxhall and the surrounding area start at around £100 per night. You can browse through some of our available properties here.

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What better park to start with than the eponymous Vauxhall Park? As with many Central London locales, you won’t find oodles of green spaces in London. However, the pockets of leafy tranquillity that are available are more than enough to satisfy.

Vauxhall Park has actually been around since Victorian times. It’s easy to find such Victorian relics around London, though how many of them have a lavender garden? Not only that – a model village! Locals and visitors claim it to be sorely overrated. This means it’s usually rather lovely and quiet; you won’t be battling crowds in this park, that’s for certain. There is a playground for children and the park itself is very child friendly, being flat enough to push strollers around and walk dogs, too.

Another popular green space is Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens. Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens oozes vintage appeal with its horse-riding area and soccer pitch, all featured on its grounds which have been used as a public park since the 1600s! You can even watch a movie whilst relaxing on the grass. Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens regularly hosts outdoor cinemas, as well as housing a kids playground and even a cafe. The perfect place to grab a coffee for some friends. Perhaps, even, a showing of your favourite film.


Funnily enough, Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens is already a stand-out attraction. However, you can certainly find other ways to spend your time here. Whether you’re lounging with some light jazz, drinking some president-themed cocktails, or trying your hand at rock-climbing.

  • Whistle Punks Urban Axe Throwing is certainly an interesting experience. For a small fee, you can test your skills at – you guessed it – axe throwing. All in a safe and controlled environment.
  • Ever been intrigued about floatation therapy? Looking to dip your toe into the world of sensory deprivation tanks? Look no further than Floatworks, Vauxhall.
  • The Imperial War Museum is an extremely popular ( and historical ) London attraction, providing an educational day out for kids and adults alike.
  • VauxWall West Climbing Centre is a popular hotspot for rock-climbing enthusiasts. Rock-climbing is a fabulous way to have a laugh while working on your fitness, and WestWall is often awarded five-star reviews. What better place to start a new hobby?
  • Vauxhall has a delightful mixture of luxury restaurants, cocktail bars and lounges. Try some Caribbean cuisine at Cottons Vauxhall, enjoy some Portuguese food at Casa Madeira or try steaks, sushi and burgers at the Waterfront London Vauxhall Restaurant.
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As we’ve already stated, Vauxhall is chock full of quality attractions. This makes it a rather popular slice of London. Due to this, you’ll find it easy to come across the odd corner shop and Tesco Express on your journeys – you’ll be far from secluded from basic amenities.

Vauxhall has a large variety of gyms to choose from. You can go with the general Virgin Active or join up with Crossfit Vauxhall or the London Olympic Weightlifting Academy for a more tailored experience. The Vauxhall Leisure centre is home to two fitness studios, a 100 station gym and a 25m swimming pool.

Vauxhall, again, has its fair share of small supermarkets. Additionally, the Victoria Place shopping market is within walking distance. Cardinal Place, a mall featuring high street shops, is similarly close by.


Vauxhall residents are very eco-conscious, with an assortment of secondhand shops and independently-owned restaurants and grocery stores around. Ingredients are often ethically sourced and environmentally friendly, and there is a plethora of sustainable vegan and vegetarian options available.


Vauxhall station is the most popular train station in the area. It serves Zone 1 & 2, travelling everywhere from Brixton to Waterloo. You can also reach Dorking, Chessington South, Hampton Court and Epsom from various overground and underground platforms. Buses in the area include the 77, 344, and 360, travelling to and from popular areas such as Liverpool Street and Elephant & Castle.


This area is well praised for its education opportunities. Equally, it’s easy to travel to and from universities and schools in other zones, due to the accessible travel links nearby. Here are some of the best in and around the area.

  • Vauxhall Primary School
  • Saint Marks Church of England Primary & Nursery School
  • Acorn Nursery
  • Ashmole Priomary School
  • University of the Arts London

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