The Clooper Guide To Muswell Hill

Muswell Hill benefits greatly from its location. Not only is it a coveted destination for its elegance and architectural beauty: it has a plethora of excitement in store in and around that. Want to spend time in London, while still benefitting from the leafy sights a suburb brings? We’re sure you’re going to love this locale.


Muswell Hill comes with its own rich history! Not only is it aesthetically beautiful, but you’ll also hear many beautiful, fascinating tales about its past. For example, did you know that the name Muswell actually relates back to an old wellspring?

Way back when: Malcolm IV, a prevalent Scottish king, was stricken ill. He was taken to the Muswell spring to drink from it, as supposedly, it possessed magical properties. Malcolm IV was then cured! The story tells that from here on out, the locale became a popular destination for pilgrimage. This is due to its general healing aura, and the well itself.

Not only this, Muswell Hill contains evidence that the Romans once inhabited the area. Pottery and pieces of a Roman Kiln, alongside coins from c.209 AD were discovered in 1928. It appears they’d been stashed for safe-keeping! You’re liable to find many a historical landmark around this locale, so keep your eyes peeled. Despite its historical architecture, Muswell Hill benefits from everything any London locale will. A wide variety of chain restaurants and cafes to choose from, gyms and sports venues, and a healthy mix of independently-owned shops to boot.


LIVING & RENTING: Properties for sale usually range from £140,000 for a one-bedroom flat. One-bedrooms in more coveted areas can rocket up to £350,000 onwards, with multi-room flats and homes having a starting price just beyond that. In terms of renting, this locale has a decent population of those looking to flatshare. Flatshares start at around £600pcm, with studio apartments and one-bedroom flats available starting from £1,000.

STAYING: Serviced apartments in and around the Muswell Hill area usually begin at around £90 a day. Find your perfect lodging here!


It’s essential for our health to spend time outside every day. Luckily, Muswell Hill is bordered by lush greenery and parks are dotted about plentifully. One stand-out green space is the well-beloved Highgate Wood.

Highgate Wood is a highly-rated public park. It spans 69 acres and houses a wide variety of activities. Wander through its many trails to do some bird-spotting, or simply go for a pleasant walk with a friend to catch up. Otherwise, help yourself to the cricket & soccer fields while the little ones amuse themselves in the playground nearby. If even that isn’t appealing to you — you can always kick back with a coffee at the local cafe. Locals praise this park for its size, access to public toilets, well-maintained surroundings and much more.

On a littler scale, there is Parkland Walk. As the name suggests, this is more of a stretch of trail than a park. Regardless it has its benefits! For example, it’s perfect for walking your dog at any time of the day. Additionally, visitors report that the views from the walk are fantastic — not to be missed, even if you’re only visiting for a weekend.

Unsplash / Samuel Regan Asante


Perhaps luckily, Muswell Hill isn’t extremely well known. It’s very much a best-kept secret in London. Therefore, it’s hardly thriving with constant activity — making it the perfect place for the quieter, perhaps more introverted amongst us. Despite this, there are a plethora of pubs, clubs and various venues to enjoy that will provide you with that slice of party life, should you desire it.

  • Alexandra Palace. Now, this is a well-known part of London. This venue has it all. This iconic building often features live music, art exhibitions, drama performances, circus and even funfair attractions – on top of it already being a fantastic sports venue.
  • Everyman Cinema. Ever wanted to bring your sofa to the cinema? Well, now you don’t have to. Everyman brings the sofa to you, as well as anything else you may need. Watch movies in a lap of luxury with popcorn, a humongous drink, and a place to put your feet up. What else could you need?
  • Muswell Hill is home to a Go Ape, which resides in Alexandra Palace. Ever wanted to spend a day swinging through the trees and clambering around adventuring with your friends and family? Now you can!
  • Keeping with a historical theme, Muswell Hill is very close to the Churchill War Rooms. These are the headquarters of Winston Churchill; where he spent much of his time during WWII. Now it operates as something of a museum attraction.
  • The Sky Garden. Another attraction not exactly in Muswell Hill, the Sky Garden is pleasantly close by. So called for its height and therefore impressive views, the Sky Garden hosts everything from live music to yoga mornings.


Every venue has its own unique appeal. Each attraction will offer something different for everyone. However, we’ve discovered some of the most prominent favourites of locals and holidayers alike.

Alexandra Palaces Farmers Market is largely regarded as unmissable. Not only does it sell a range of fresh produce, from eggs to fish to fruit, but the sense of community is also undeniable. You’re as likely to walk away with a new friend as you are with a peach or watermelon! You can find it open every Sunday from 10 am – 3 pm.

Stellas Room is a self-proclaimed family-friendly cafe and restaurant. You’ll find Stellas Room just off of Muswell Hill Broadway — apparently, the coffee is absolutely divine and their breakfasts are largely regarded as some of the best around. Stellas Room is reportedly the perfect place to spend a Sunday morning. You can even spend a morning in this lovely little cafe whilst waiting for the market to open. Sounds like a dream to us!

If it’s cocktails you’re after, you’ll find them in Belmeis. Belmeis is a very lively bar, chock full of regular locals and fresh-faced newcomers. Belmeis credits its success partly to its ‘eclectic trendy music’ taste, as well as its original infused cocktails. They even serve organic wine! Visitors have claimed that even the mocktails are delicious — Belmeis clearly puts equal effort into all of their drinks, alcoholic or not, so they are more than accommodating to those who don’t wish to, or can’t, drink alcohol.

Unsplash / Paweldotio


Muswell Hill is a very eco-conscious locale. It’s home to the Muswell Hill Sustainability Group, a group that was formed in 2008 to tackle climate change and do its best to help out against it.

There are currently several renovations happening in and around the area to make it more eco-friendly. There are also regular events, like fairs, dedicated to raising awareness about climate change. You can find out more on their website here!


Muswell Hill isn’t the most central location, but it is still rather easily accessible. You can travel there by bus, car, or train.

Hop on the 131, 507, 79, 90 and even the night bus N136 anywhere from London Waterloo to Willesden. Local stations are served by underground tubes ( travelling to destinations such as Notting Hill ) and the Southern Rail. Bus routes also travel in and around areas such as Kensington, Portobello Road, and Oxford Circus.

While living or staying in this area, you’ll have easy access to the majority of Central London. Looking for something further out? Check out our Manchester Area Guide here.