The Clooper Guide To Buckhurst Hill

Buckhurst Hill is part of the ‘’golden triangle’’ area of Essex, just adjacent to London. It’s named such because of the high-income locals that live here. However, you don’t have to be a footballer to make your home here – though we’re sure it’d help!


TO BUY: Buying in Buckhurst Hill is very popular – it’s considered a perfect place to settle down, especially for families. A simple one-bedroom flat may cost you over £200,000 as a result, with larger properties coming in at around £500,000 and upwards.

TO RENT: Buckhurst Hill is a high-income area, though it’s not the most expensive locale to be found near London. Its Essex location actually works in its favour, bringing down some property prices. Renting a single-bedroom flat will cost you anywhere from £1,000 per month to £2,000 per month. Large detached homes can be rented for around £4,000 per month!

TO STAY: Typically, luxury serviced apartments in Buckhurst Hill and the surrounding area start at around £119 per night. You can browse through some of our available properties here.

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It seems apt to open with the eponymous Buckhurst Hill Pond. Locals and visitors love this little park for its scenery, relaxed vibe and wildlife. You’re likely to catch sight of a heron or two on your travels, even a few ducklings if the season is right! Buckhurst Hill Pond borders a large forest, also, so it makes a fabulous place to lay out a picnic blanket and relax before going on a woodland adventure.

Whitehall Plain is largely lauded as one of the best spots in London. Living or staycationing in Buckhurst Hill, you can have it almost at your doorstep! This park is very well cared for and full of interesting wildlife. You can find swans, pelicans, squirrels, and much much more. In Whitehall Plain, you can amuse yourself with a forest walk, sit and chill by the lake, or set up some mini sports games on the expansive field. The possibilities are endless! This park does get incredibly busy at times, so it’s best to plan ahead if you’re a fan of your solitude.

One other boon that comes with Buckhurst Hill is its close proximity to Epping Forest! In fact, both parks we’ve mentioned are close to Epping Forest themselves. Epping Forest is a 2,400-hectare area of ancient woodland and other various habitats – that’s humongous! It runs all the way from North Epping to Chingford and is populated by everyone from horse riders to dog walkers. Not only this but as the forest is so large, it’s easy to find a slice of tranquillity away from crowds. Wildlife such as deer primarily make this place their home; keep an eye peeled and maybe you’ll spot some!


One thing that Buckhurst Hill is more than well known for is Epping Forest. However, there are a wide variety of other activities to be found in and around this star-studded locale.

  • Creative Biscuit Ceramics Cafe is a pottery centre and ceramic cafe that regularly hosts workshops for adults and children alike.
  • Topgolf Chigwell is a highly-rated crazy golf hotspot that features indoor and outdoor courses.
  • Owls Play Centre is a brilliant little five-star soft play. Little ones can keep themselves amused here and then go on for some outdoor adventures in Fairlop Waters, the surrounding country park.
  • The Three Colts is a country-style pub in the heart of Buckhurst Hill. It’s a stand-out for its community vibe, as many locals often flock here for its food, drinks and entertainment.
  • Buckhurst Hill itself isn’t necessarily a hub for fine dining, but you can certainly find some quality grub! Keep it simple with a Prezzo on Queens Road or spice things up with some Turkish cuisine at Soiree. If you’re after a fulfilling lunch, try the IG9 Brunch & Cafe – we recommend the jacket potato!
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Buckhurst Hill is a very popular area just outside London. Technically, it’s part of Essex and is admittedly a little under the radar. Not many know of its existence beyond being next to Epping Forest! It has its fair share of corner shops, gyms and supermarkets and it’s extremely well connected to Central London and beyond.

In terms of basic amenities, you can find most of what you’re looking for in the immediate area. Either that or you can hop on the Central Line to a less leafy and more industrialized area. There’s a fantastic choice of shops nearby in Epping Forest Shopping Park: Greggs, Aldi, Costa, and even chemists and toy stores can be found here. Locals advise that you plan parking in advance! Apparently, it can be a bit of a nightmare at very busy times on the weekend – so don’t get stuck unawares.

Failing this, The Galleria is a fantastic arcade containing many varied services. You’ll find a hairdresser, a post office, a cake shop and many independently owned shops here! The Galleria seems to be a lovely place for some quiet, tranquil vibes, whereas Epping Forest Shopping is more popular.


Buckhurst Hill and its community have been shown to care tremendously about the environment. Not only is Buckhurst Hill itself full of beautiful tree-lined streets, but its residents are also eco-conscious from the way they separate their rubbish to the local stores they choose to support.

As mentioned, many independently owned shops make their home in and around Buckhurst Hill. Primarily in The Galleria. Epping Forest is also a protected and well-maintained district, responsible for the preservation of numerous species of flora and fauna.

Furthermore, schools often engage in projects to aid sustainability. They often host educational events around the subject and are passionate about educating young ones about the environment.


The Central Line connects Buckhurst Hill to a large swathe of Essex and London. Via the Central Line you’ll be able to reach anywhere from Epping, all the way down to Ealing Broadway, stopping at Notting Hill Gate, Queensway, White City and more along the way.

Buses that service the area include the 167, 549, 677 and 804 buses. Hop on these to reach anywhere from Loughton to Ilford. Additionally, you’ll find a fair amount of cycle lanes in Buckhurst Hill. Aesthetically, it seems very rural and is the perfect place for a bike ride.


Buckhurst Hill isn’t exactly world famous for its education, though there are more than a few stand-out schools to choose from in and around the area.

  • Loyola Preparatory School
  • Buckhurst Hill Community Primary School
  • Churchfields Junior School
  • Oakhill Primary School
  • Braeside School

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