The Clooper Guide To Teddington

With Gorgeous Wildlife, Homely Local Pubs, Luscious Green Parks And Venues For All Ages, Teddington Is A Delightful Hidden Gem Of London.

Teddington has been named the ‘best place to live in London’ by the Sunday Times. It’s a gorgeous riverside suburb, just one train away from London Waterloo and it’s even a stone’s throw from the historic Hampton Court Palace! Looking for a rural retreat that’s still just close enough to the hustle and bustle of the city? Teddington may just be the place for you.


Teddington is famous for its peaceful, green atmosphere. Situated along the Thames, Teddington has a bountiful natural environment that attracts a variety of local wildlife. Above all, there are scores of beautiful deer. Which really gives it a fairytale atmosphere. Particularly in Bushy Park.

At over 1000 acres, Bushy Park is the second largest of Londons eight Royal Parks. It is rich in history, flora, fauna and serene views and decorated with various water features and statues. Walking through it is a treat in itself and also, there are fun and varying events held there frequently! Fetes, carriage rides and bug hunts are just a few you may find on their website. Have a little look over here for more information.

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Unsplash/Ana Paula Grimaldi


Teddington is home to Hampton Court Palace, King Henry VIII’s home on the Thames. As it was close to Bushy Park, he often even hunted there with his daughter. In future, the park became a central point for the community, hosting many events and festivities. Furthermore, it was once the headquarters for the US Eighth Army Air Force! The land all-around in Teddington is rich with culture and history. It is a perfect home to any history buff, as multiple historical tours and attractions are available.


Teddington sports a high street with your usual chains and brand names, although its main reputation is for its independent businesses. Second-hand clothes, vintage garbs, fancy chocolates, soaps that look like little cakes – you’ll never run out of fun things to find in Teddington stores. Plus, there is a local leisure centre with a swimming pool, various sporting clubs and gyms available.


Many claim that Teddington’s greatest attractions come with its pubs and cocktail bars. Teddington has a strong sense of community and many often gather in pub gardens to revel in that community. ‘The Anglers’ is one such popular pub. Boasting the largest pub garden around, situated just next to the Thames itself, The Anglers is a local favourite. They even host movie nights and various other events for everyone to enjoy.

Other notable venues, popular with locals and visitors alike, are The Fallow Deer cafe, The Clock House bar, The Teddington Arms (don’t miss their Sunday lunch!) and the Alexander Pope. Teddington is rich with quintessential British pubs. You’ll never be short of a hot lunch and a Guinness around here, that’s for sure!

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