Anxiety Got You Down? Here are 3 Simple Techniques To Combat Frayed Nerves

Sometimes anxiety can negatively impact our mood, especially in times of change or unrest. Nervous about a move? Worried about a future job? Just plain anxious about the future? Take a moment out of your day to check in with those feelings, you’ll find them much easier to deal with. We’ve compiled a short list of ways you can do just that.

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We know, cliche, right? But it works! While it isn’t a miracle cure, it helps a whole lot to take a moment to check in with your breathing. You can do this anywhere. At home, at work, walking through the park. Breathing exercises are quick, easy to remember, and even scientifically proven to benefit you.

Deep and controlled breathing has been proven to affect your mood and physical health. Breathing slowly and from your stomach encourages your nervous system to calm down. Whereas, breathing quickly and shallowly quickens the heart, in turn raising anxiety and stress. Deep breathing also benefits your heart, brain, digestive and immune system.

Here’s a simple breathing technique to combat anxiety wherever you are:

  • Breathe in through your nose for four seconds.
  • Hold that breath for seven seconds if you can, counting to yourself.
  • Release it for eight seconds through your mouth, making a ‘whoosh’ sound like wind blowing.

Repeat as many times as you need to slow heart rate and relieve anxiety.


This is another way to relieve anxiety and ground yourself that you can take anywhere! All you need here is yourself and your senses. This technique is a quick, satisfying way to pull yourself back from worry. It’s as simple as:

  • Look for and make note of five things you can see. Are you outside? What buildings can you see? What are their street names? If you’re inside, single out some decorations or perhaps household items around you.
  • Afterwards, notice four things you can touch. Your clothes perhaps, or something in your pocket. If you’re outside, touch the grass or the trees.
  • Now, what can you hear? Pick out three things specifically. Whether it be a dog barking, someone talking nearby, or even the hum of electric.
  • Notice what you can smell, pick out two things. Home cooking? Your perfume or cologne?
  • Finally, pick out one thing you can taste. Maybe you just had a coffee, or a tea, and the taste remains. If not, you can always take a sip of a drink or bite of a snack. This sensation will really bring you back home to yourself, away from any nasty worries you may be focusing on.

Anxiety may strike when our minds are too far strayed from the present. This method brings you back to the now and helps root you there. You can repeat it as many times as you like, anywhere you are.


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Community is a wonderful thing that can do wonders for anxiety or stress. Sometimes easing these negative emotions is as simple as making a phone call, especially if it’s going to be a funny one!

Laughter has been proven through research and study to combat anxiety. In fact, one study, in particular, revealed that humour can help lower anxiety just as much as exercise can. If not more! It is massively beneficial for our wellness and mental health to engage in giggles and laughter. If you’re feeling tense, phone your friend that makes you laugh the most. It can be intimidating to admit that you’re feeling low, though it’s important to remember that the people around you are there to help.

Our friends and loved ones can keep us grounded, help us manage our problems and provide us with an outside perspective. For an anxious mind, this does wonder. If you notice yourself straying into stress, reach out. It’s easier to bear the burden of anxiety when someone is there supporting you. Even if it’s just for the smaller worries! It’s best to confront them before they mount up.

Anxiety may seem daunting, frustrating and exhausting. Just remember that it is your body trying to look out for you at the end of the day. Sometimes it just gets a little overzealous, is all! By simply taking five minutes a day on these three simple methods, you can help improve your mood and ease unnecessary anxiety.

Still, feeling out of sorts? The NHS has compiled a list of easily accessible apps to help with mental health struggles. Find it here.

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