6 Best Ways to Get Hotel Discounts for Corporate Travel


Business travel has evolved into an indispensable component of corporate operations. From client meetings to conferences and market explorations, employees are constantly on the move. Yet, the costs associated with corporate travel, particularly corporate accommodations, can impose a considerable financial burden on a company. One significant aspect that can reduce the financial burden is getting hotel discounts.

As a business or travel manager, you are always looking to negotiate the best rates, secure the best deals and provide the best hotels at the lowest possible prices, especially with so many travel startups trying to solve these challenges. In this article, we’ll explore eight effective ways to get hotel discounts for corporate travel.

The Importance of Corporate Travel Discounts

Before we explore the details of ways you can get the best hotel rates and discounts, it’s essential to know the importance to your company:

Cost-efficiency: By accessing exclusive rates and promotions, businesses can significantly reduce their overall travel expenses. This, in turn, contributes to budget optimisation, allowing companies to allocate resources strategically and invest in other essential aspects of their operations.

Employee satisfaction and productivity: Providing corporate travel discounts demonstrates a commitment to employee well-being. When employees feel that their company values their comfort and financial considerations during work-related trips, it enhances job satisfaction. Satisfied employees are more likely to be productive and motivated, contributing positively to the success of the business.

Strengthening Business Relationships: Corporate travel often involves meetings with clients, partners, and stakeholders. Securing hotel discounts not only benefits the company financially but also enhances the overall impression during business interactions.

How to Get Hotel Discounts for Corporate Travel

Getting corporate rates is possible through direct negotiations between your company and hotel chains, opting for reservations via travel management companies that have established negotiated rates, or capitalizing on rate discounts extended to members of specific organizations.

Here are 8 ways to get the best rates for corporate rates:

1. Negotiate Directly with Hotels

When it comes to securing hotel discounts for corporate travel, one of the most effective strategies is negotiating directly with hotels. This approach requires a bit of finesse and strategy, but the potential for substantial savings makes it worthwhile.

Negotiating directly with hotels requires a combination of preparation, relationship-building, and strategic communication. By following these steps, corporate travellers can increase their chances of securing significant discounts on accommodation.

Steps to Negotiate Directly with Hotels

Research competitive rates: Before negotiations start, research competitive rates in the travel destination. Having a clear understanding of the standard pricing allows you to negotiate from an informed position.

Highlight potential for future business: Emphasize the potential for repeat business. If your company frequently travels to the same location, hotels may be more inclined to offer discounts in exchange for a guaranteed stream of future bookings.

Flexible dates and terms: Be open to flexibility in dates and terms. Hotels may offer better rates for mid-week stays or during off-peak seasons. Showing a willingness to adjust your travel plans can result in more favourable pricing.

Leverage loyalty: If your company frequently stays at a particular hotel chain, leverage loyalty. Hotels are often willing to provide discounts to loyal customers as a way of expressing appreciation for their continued business.

Be prepared to walk away: Sometimes, the best negotiation tactic is being willing to walk away. If a hotel is unwilling to meet your terms, be prepared to explore other options. This can sometimes prompt the hotel to reconsider and offer a better deal.

2. Consolidate Your Hotel Booking

Consolidating hotel bookings is a smart approach for corporate travellers looking to maximize discounts and streamline the booking process. By centralizing bookings, companies can leverage their collective spending power to negotiate better rates with hotels.

Yet another practical way for companies to secure cost-effective accommodations. By centralizing the booking process and negotiating group rates, corporate travellers can enjoy significant discounts while simplifying the overall travel management process.

Steps to Consolidate Your Hotel Booking

Centralize booking process: Implement a centralized booking system within your company. This ensures that all hotel bookings go through a designated channel, allowing for better expense management.

Negotiate group rates: When consolidating bookings, negotiate group rates with hotels. Many establishments offer discounted rates for bulk bookings.

Communicate booking policies: Communicate booking and travel policies to employees and the potential cost savings associated with consolidated bookings.

Regularly review and update: Regularly review your company’s travel patterns and adjust your booking strategy accordingly. This ensures that you are continually optimizing your approach and taking advantage of new opportunities for consolidation and savings.

3. Leverage Travel Management Companies

For corporate travellers seeking efficient and strategic ways to secure hotel discounts, leveraging the top travel management companies is a powerful approach. Travel management companies specialize in optimizing travel-related expenses and can negotiate favourable rates with hotels on behalf of their clients.

Partnering with a reputable company can tap into industry expertise and negotiation skills, ultimately resulting in significant savings on hotel accommodations.

Steps to Leverage Travel Management Companies

Select a reputable and experienced company: Look for companies with a proven track record of negotiating favourable deals with hotels and providing comprehensive travel management services.

Communicate travel needs: Communicate your company’s travel needs clearly to the TMC. Provide details about the frequency of travel, preferred hotel chains, and any specific requirements. The more information the TMC has, the better they can tailor their negotiations.

Utilize network and relationships: Travel companies often have established networks and relationships with hotels worldwide. Leverage these connections to secure exclusive discounts and benefits that may not be available through individual bookings.

Take advantage of their expertise: Rely on the expertise of the company in navigating the complexities of the travel industry. They understand market trends, pricing structures, and negotiation strategies, ensuring that you get the best possible deals.

4. Use Credit Cards with Travel Perks

Using credit cards with travel perks and discounts can be a game-changer for keen corporate travellers. Beyond the convenience of cashless transactions, these cards offer a range of benefits, including exclusive discounts on hotel accommodations. Understanding how to leverage these perks is key to maximizing savings.

By selecting the right credit card, staying informed about promotions, and combining these perks with other hotel discount strategies, corporate travellers can enjoy significant savings on their accommodations.

hotel discounts credit cards

Steps For Travel Use Credit Cards

Research credit card options: Begin by researching credit card options that specifically cater to travellers. Look for cards that offer rewards programs, cashback on travel expenses, and exclusive partnerships with hotel chains.

Understand reward structure: Familiarize yourself with the reward structures of the chosen credit card. Some cards offer points for every dollar spent, while others provide cashback. Understand how these rewards can be redeemed for hotel discounts.

Explore partner hotels: Many credit card companies have partnerships with hotel chains. Explore the list of partner hotels and identify those that align with your travel preferences. These partnerships often come with special rates or exclusive discounts for cardholders.

Combine credit cards with other strategies: Integrate credit card discounts with other hotel discount strategies. For example, book in advance using your credit card to enjoy both early booking advantages and cardholder-exclusive discounts.

5. Compare Rates on General Booking Sites

In the age of online booking, comparing rates on general booking sites has become a fundamental practice for cost-conscious corporate travellers. The abundance of online platforms allows travellers to explore a wide range of options, ensuring they secure the best possible rates for their hotel accommodations.

Steps to Compare Rates

Utilize aggregator websites: Start by using aggregator websites that compile information from various booking platforms. These websites provide an overview of available options, allowing you to compare rates from different sources in one place.

Explore multiple booking platforms: Explore multiple sites, including well-known platforms as well as lesser-known alternatives. Different platforms may offer varying rates for the same hotel.

Review customer reviews and ratings: Beyond price, consider customer reviews and ratings. A slightly more expensive option with better reviews may offer a more enjoyable and hassle-free stay.

Use price alert tools: Take advantage of price alert tools offered by some booking sites. These tools notify you when the price for a specific hotel drops, allowing you to book at the most opportune time for maximum savings.

6. Opt For Non-refundable Rates

Opting for non-refundable rates is a strategy that can lead to substantial savings on hotel accommodations. While it requires a commitment to travel plans, the potential for lower prices makes it an attractive option for corporate travellers looking to optimize their budgets.

Steps to Opt For Non-refundable Rates

Understand non-refundable terms: Before choosing a non-refundable rate, carefully review the terms and conditions.

Commit to firm travel plans: If there’s a high likelihood that your travel dates won’t change, committing to a non-refundable rate can result in significant cost savings.

Compare refundable and non-refundable rates: Assess whether the potential savings outweigh the flexibility offered by refundable options.

Check for additional perks: Some hotels offer additional perks or discounts for guests who choose non-refundable rates.


Are hotel loyalty programs worth joining for corporate travellers?

Yes, hotel loyalty programs offer tangible benefits such as points accumulation, exclusive discounts, and personalized perks for frequent corporate travellers.

How can corporate travellers effectively negotiate with hotels for discounts?

Effective negotiation involves researching competitive rates, highlighting the potential for future business, and building a relationship with hotel management.

Are online coupon websites a reliable source for hotel discounts?

Yes, reputable online coupon websites often feature valid and up-to-date discounts that corporate travellers can apply during the booking process.

What role do corporate travel agencies play in securing hotel discounts?

Corporate travel agencies have established relationships with hotels, allowing them to negotiate group rates and secure favourable accommodations for business travellers.


Securing hotel discounts for corporate travel demands a strategic and multi-faceted approach. From negotiating directly with hotels to leveraging credit card perks, and comparing rates on booking sites, By incorporating these diverse strategies, businesses can ensure not only cost savings but also enhanced travel experiences for their employees. Remember, the key lies in a proactive and informed approach, combining various tactics to unlock the best deals and make corporate travel a seamless and economical endeavour.