5 Simple Everyday Tips To Live More Sustainably

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We all know that conserving energy is an excellent way to begin your journey to live sustainably. However, what are the next steps? What else can we do?

Clooper cares deeply about the environment and everyone who lives in it. As a result, we strive to benefit both of those quantities to the greatest extent possible, but living sustainably is something we must all do together in order to fully reap the benefits. For ourselves and the planet, we live on.


This is something we’ve gone into detail about before: conserving energy and switching to more sustainable energy can work wonders for the planet and ourselves. Especially our bank accounts! Not only this, by using less energy, you can help reduce carbon emissions. It’s super easy. By simply turning your heating down a touch, washing clothes with cold water and switching off any appliances that aren’t in use, you’re directly contributing to the conservation of the planet. In a small way, but Rome wasn’t built in a day as they say. Discover more useful energy-saving tips here.


Many companies nowadays utilise paperless alternatives. For example, email receipts or requesting electronic emails. Clooper has its own tip to help here, too! By signing up with us, you can cut your paper use down almost completely when it comes to property management. On our simple, easy to use platform, everything is all in one place. Payments, contact details and information regarding skilled tradespeople, property paperwork and more. It’s safe, secure and most importantly? Paperless. You’re helping the environment and saving yourself some stress trying to keep everything in order physically. Win-win! Sign up here today.

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Plastic cups, plastic cutlery, plastic plastic plastic. It’s far from good for the environment, therefore also us, to go through plastic like it’s going out of fashion. By cutting down on single-use items, you can do a world of good. If you’ll excuse the pun! Metal straws, reusable drink bottles and reusable cutlery are some good alternatives. Plus, if you can’t reuse something? Try and buy recyclable alternatives. For example, it wouldn’t be ideal to keep a toothbrush forever, right? Bamboo toothbrushes are a recyclable and eco-friendly alternative. Plus, they’re easily accessible. Just pop down to your local Boots or Superdrug to take your pick from the multiple recyclable options they have available. Here you can find an incredibly helpful starters guide provided by the WWF to get started on swapping out those harmful single-use plastics and get started on living sustainably.


If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll remember our guide to utilising Feng Shui to De-stress Decorating. New to our blog? Well firstly, welcome! It’s great to have you here. Secondly: click here to read through the post. In it, we state that gardening can help to cut back on stress and boost happy hormones in our brain. As well as this, it’s also great for the environment. By growing your own fruit, herbs and vegetables you’re ensuring no pesticides are used in the process. Also, no fossil fuels will be burnt up to transport these goods to grocery stores, which is a great bonus. A little stuck on where to start? Here’s a handy guide on beginner fruits and vegetables to try.


Instead of tossing unwanted items for them to be shipped off to a landfill, why not donate? Either to a charity or simply to friends and family. It’s an incredibly easy way to start living sustainably. As well as this: It’s an act of love, not only for the environment but for others – and what are we, if not here to love and support one another? We at Clooper feel especially passionate about this and believe that our work must make our society and environment better, or else there is no point. Our Cloop’d team are passionate about making a difference. To find out more about our CSR work, click here.