3 Top Tips To Prepare You For The New Year

It’s only half way through January, but 2022 is just getting started. So, here are three top tips to get you ready for the New Year.

2022 new year tips prepare motivation

While we are approaching the halfway point of January, it is not too late to start planning for the new year. For many people, the start of a new year is an exciting time because it represents a fresh start. As well as the opportunity to set and achieve personal objectives. Others may be less enthusiastic about the new year and feel the pressure that comes with it.

Here at Clooper, we understand how overwhelming a new year can be. So, here are 3 top tips to prepare you for the new year. Even if you have already been taking January by storm, it’s always good to have new tips under your belt. 

List New Goals (Professional And Personal)

The best way to kickstart the new year is to set goals for yourself. We recommend that you create a list of both professional and personal goals. We suggest that you set goals that apply to your character, and not what others recommend or deem suitable for you. Of course, it is great to take advice and inspiration from those around you but do not centre your goals based on anybody else but yourself. 

However big or small, your goals are there to guide you. Not to mention they play a significant role in how you will perform as the year goes ahead. So even if you think you will accomplish your goals in a short period or they may take you months to accomplish, you should set them anyways. Another benefit to setting goals at the beginning of the year is that they give you a sense of direction. The pandemic and lockdown have left us feeling anxious and uncertain about the future. Effectively what creating your own goals does is it allows you to have more clarity within your journey.

Finally, try to have your goals be around a specific theme. A theme could be to live more healthy this year. Therefore you could set goals specific to that. We also encourage you to focus on your mental health as much as your physical health.

For example, you may want to be more attuned with nature. So you could potentially go out for walks twice a week. Or, instead of being on your phone when commuting, you may want to be completely present. Moreover, you could elevate your work performance by being more disciplined or pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Try not to be hard on yourself if your goals do not happen directly. Or exactly at the deadline. Remember, this is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. And no one has to be aware of your goals but yourself.

Create A Schedule 

Equally as important as setting goals at the beginning of the year is setting a schedule. Depending on who you are, you may want to create your schedule according to your style and preference. You may want to do it the old fashioned way and get a classic calendar. Or jot everything down on your phone. An alternative style for you may be a mood board stamped with key dates and times. So long as your schedule is clear, it does not matter. 

In addition, try to make your schedule weekly or monthly. However, if you prefer to create mini lists of to-do things on an everyday basis, that should also be sufficient. It is paramount that your schedule compliments your goals. So if one of your goals for the year is to spend more time with your friends, try to schedule catch-ups in person once or twice a month. Also, if a goal of yours is to become more financially organised, you may want to schedule a budget for the week or the month. 

Fundamentally, you may want your schedule into different categories. Your timetable for the year ahead should include things like work, breaks, events, personal time, leisure et cetera. We recommend that you balance your schedule out. Balance these things out to prioritise all the parts of your life more effectively. Not to mention, to prevent burnout. 

Finally, Reflect On The Past Year

To truly embrace the new year, you have to reflect on the year that has just been. Not only is this closure, but it is a great way to acknowledge everything that has happened to you from January to December. Many people live busy lives. So you may not have the luxury to reflect on the events that happen in your day-to-day life. Therefore we recommend that you spend time reflecting on how the year has been for you. There is no formula to how you should self-reflect on your year. It should be personal to you and as private or public as you prefer. 

You can reflect on your year by journaling or audio journaling. An end of year social media post or visual reel of all the key events. Or even a long conversation with a loved one. 

When reflecting, acknowledge your achievements. As well as this, reflect on lessons you learned. And what you did in the year that you want to continue doing or want to do less. Also, include what you want to improve on next year.

We hope that your year ahead is full of joy, success and growth. As we stated, many people feel pressured when a new year begins. That pressure may lead to anxiety. So, here are some simple techniques you can use to combat any potential nerves in 2022.