3 Simple Ways To Save Energy In a Short Let Apartment

Save Energy In a Short-Let Apartment

If you want to save energy in a short let apartment, you must first be aware of your consumption!

To begin, you should be aware that conserving energy, whether in a short-term or long-term rental apartment or even in your own home, contributes to a cleaner environment by protecting plants, animals, and the entire ecosystem.

Simply put, the less energy you use, the less toxic waste you generate! Home heating and cooling are frequently cited as the leading causes of high utility bills, so start with these if you want to save energy!

So if you are looking to save energy in a short let apartment, you can start simply:

Let’s take your dishwasher for instance…

Instead of rinsing your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, scrape the food into the trash (or compost bin if one is available) before putting them in the dishwasher. You will save water this way!

Aside from that, dishwashers work better when your dishes are dirty!

Wash your clothes cold in the washing machine.

If your short let apartment has a washer and dryer, wash your clothes in cold water rather than the hot cycle, which consumes a lot of energy.

(Did you know that getting the water warm consumes roughly 80% of the energy used when washing your clothes?)

It is best to wash your clothes in cold water. It works just as well as hot water (and even more, saves energy and water!).

Disconnect All of Your Devices

When your electronics are plugged in but not in use, they consume energy. So if you leave your phone charger, laptop charger, and so on plugged in, they are all sucking up energy even when you are not actively using them. Pull out the cords when not in use to save energy.

Wherever possible, keep some smart power strips on hand for quick trips. They essentially turn off items you aren’t using so you don’t have to do it repeatedly.

More Simple Ways to Make Energy Saving a Habit?

– If your water heater has a timer, set it to turn off when not in use for an extended period of time.

– Allow your dishes and clothes to air dry instead of using the drying features on your washing machine and dishwasher to save energy.

– Turn off the lights when leaving the house or the room is not in use.

– Cut back on the time you spend in the shower.

-Turn off the water faucets while washing your hands, shaving, or brushing your teeth.
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