Can I Simply Sublet My Rental Property?

Sublet? How does it work? Is it possible for a tenant to simply sublet his/her rental property?

A sublet/subletting occurs when a tenant rents out a portion or all of his or her rental property to someone else (usually called a subtenant).

The tenant will need the landlord‘s permission to do this (sublet), which should be stated in the tenancy agreement, as a landlord can take action if the subletting goes against the landlord’s wishes.

A tenant may choose to sublet for a variety of reasons, including the need to move and the inability to pay rent on both his current and new properties so instead of terminating his tenancy abruptly, he may sublet in order to use the money from a sub-tenant.


However, there must be some kind of agreement in the tenancy to ensure that the tenant does not break any rules.

What should a tenant be aware of?

A tenancy agreement may allow a tenant to do this without first consulting the landlord in very rare circumstances. However, this is not advised for landlords because they may not have complete control over who lives on their property.

However, if this is included in the contract, the tenant is free to sublet the property. It is likely that written permission from the landlord will be required. And the answer may be heavily influenced by whether the landlord accepts or rejects the offer.

A landlord may be forced to evict a tenant who attempts to do this with his property without permission. As a result, it is best to be as honest and transparent as possible.

This blog post is not intended to constitute legal or financial advice.