Effective Tenant Prevention Guide To Reduce The Risks Of Property Damage

Property repair can be a time-consuming and expensive process. Here Is A Guide To Assist You In Navigating Your Home In The Best Way Possible To Avoid Property Damage.

Your home is your sanctuary. As a tenant, it is your responsibility to keep it refurbished, refined, and always repaired, if any minor damage occurs. We are all aware that there is a process to maintaining a well-kept house. To prioritize the maintenance of the property holistically, cleaning and organizing is an essential part of the process and is often a daily task. It is something householders are accustomed to and responsible for. It can also be quite easy and simple. Here is how you can learn more about the benefits a cleaner property has to your mental health.

Repair, (which is also a crucial part of maintaining a well-kept house) does come with its challenges. As a tenant, repairs around the house is also your responsibility. However, it can be very difficult to understand what shared responsibilities a tenant and landlord have when it comes to property repair, you can click here to find out more. But there are easy steps you can take as a tenant to prevent any repairs from happening at all! Saving you money and time in the future. Here at Clooper, we’ve got your back! With an easy prevention guide, to minimize your chances of property damage. 

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Understanding the part of your tenancy that covers damage and repair is very important. As a tenant, knowing that you have security in the event of your property being damaged can provide you with immense ease. Although there is aid provided once the aftermath of a damaged property happens, there can still be other damages that occur. Once your home is damaged, it can effectively cause other parts of your livelihood to become damaged too.

Settling into your new home is the final step into a new beginning for you. Unfortunately, there are many damages that can occur during this process, which you as a tenant may be required to fix. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to limit them. Familiarize yourself with your new home and neighbourhood to minimize any damages while moving in.

If your property is small, buy furniture that compliments the size of the property. It is very easy to damage walls or scrape the floors with a sofa or table. We all know what disturbance a sofa that is stuck in the hallway can cause. Broken window handles are equally as frustrating. Although that is something a landlord can provide a quick fix for, it is still a disturbance! That can tremendously cause you discomfort and affect your health if it leads to the window not closing. Take your time when closing the window and understand the functionality of the handle. We advise you to prioritize a day or two to learn how things operate in your new home to avoid any minor or big damages that can happen. Which can result in the delay of you moving in.


Moving in parties are a common tradition. Inviting your close ones when moving into a new place can be very fun and exciting but can also invite in a lot of disruption to the place. Respect your property! Keep the party guest to a minimum sum that is suitable for your new place. Set ground rules and boundaries. Inform your guest that you are also prioritizing cleanliness and maintenance as well as having fun. It does not suffice to only prioritize the maintenance of your house when you host social gatherings.  

At any event and time, damages can happen. Subsequently, it is important to always be vigilant when you are around the house. Switch off the plug when using electric appliances around the house! Fire Protection Online discusses the significance of being vigilant and alert at home and why you shouldn’t leave electricals plugged in

This is no secret; however, it is always good to be reminded. FPO, says, “To make certain you’re alerted if an electrical item does catch fire, ensure you have working smoke alarms at home”. Accidents happen at home all the time, fortunately, there are certain devices that can minimize any further damages, such as smoke alarms.

Alter the prospect! “By flicking a switch, you’re not only saving your home from a potential fire, but you’re also saving yourself money too.”



There are certain damages you just can not prevent. Such as mould, leaks, etc. It is important to be strategic and recognize when the damages occur. And act fast and accordingly. Although these damages are not major, they are common and can still cause great discomfort for tenants. They are also not aesthetically pleasing and can result in a bit of embarrassment when guests come over. It is important that you love the way your house looks and be confident when inviting guests over. 

Here at Clooper, we prioritize your welfare at home! We have devised a list of ways to recognize and minimize any damages at home that can easily be missed or ignored.

  • Risk Assessment 
  • (Layout a strategy plan around the house to prevent any damages)
  • Identify any small damages that can easily be fixed
  • (And speak to your landlord )
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  • (Sometimes your neighbor or friend has experience a similar issue at home and can assist you)
  • Invest 
  • (There are many appliances that you can buy that can prevent any damages and save you  money in the future)

The environment and weather can also result in property damage, and that is something that is just out of your control. There are still vast options of places for you to rent if your lease is up and want to move into a new pristine place with few to no extreme weather changes. Here is how you can find out more about affordable homes in London today.