How Does Kerb Appeal Help Your Rental Property?

Kerb appeal, simply put, are the features that make your rental property immediately appealing.

Kerb appeal is the first impression a tenant has when they see your property for the first time, and it must, in my opinion, leave an indelible impression.

The feel and appearance of your rental property are just as important to a potential tenant as the location and even the price. No tenant sets out to find the most hideous-looking place to live, even if it appears to be inexpensive.

Kerb appeal is important for landlords, so much so that it can result in more applicants and, in some cases, an increase in income.

Make sure your property is both fit for rent and appealing if you want to maximize its rental income potential.

For example, these are three simple and cost-effective things you can do to improve the kerb appeal of your property:

  • The Exterior 

Make every effort to paint the exterior. A rental property’s aesthetic appeal can be instantly increased by giving it a facelift (painting it).

Consider a potential tenant arriving and being greeted by fading/washed paint, cracked walls, weather-beaten front door and a generally unappealing exterior.

Even if the interior appears to be in good condition, the potential tenant may decide not to look further inside the property.

As a result, it’s best to keep the exterior as clean as possible.

  • Keep The Surroundings Clean

Overgrown bushes, trees, and untamed grass/shrubs are no nos. Aside from looking awfully bushy, they may cause costly maintenance issues in the future. Untamed trees may drop their branches on the roof or worse!

Ensure that plants are well-trimmed and that the surrounding areas are well maintained. Nothing is more unappealing than overgrown trees and untidy shrubs.

Even if the property looks good, if the surrounding area does not, it will generally appear less appealing.

  • Fix The Lawn

Lawns that aren’t well-kept are usually an eyesore; they stand out unflatteringly. Make sure your lawns are mowed and well tamed to add instant appeal to your property.

Apart from the above, studies have shown that how secure the property is/looks and neighbourhood play a huge role. 

Other factors, such as the street, pathways, a good front door, gates, and the next building, all contribute significantly to a property’s kerb appeal.

Start here if you have all of these things figured out and are ready to list your property to connect with potential tenants.