How To Find Good Tradespeople

Tradespeople are the unsung heroes of property maintenance, and landlords must periodically use good tradespeople due to increased legislation, to ensure your property meets government guidelines and keeps your tenants happy.

Finding the right tradespeople despite a plethora of options is one area landlords struggle with. Luckily, landlords can use the following tips and precautions to make sure to get in contact with good tradespeople.

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Proper certifications 

When looking for a tradesperson one of the most important factors is to ensure they have the right certificates and qualifications for the work they are doing.  Ensuring that the tradesperson is not breaking the law or endangering your property and tenants by not being properly licensed is the landlord’s responsibility.

Online reviews and recommendations 

Using trader websites such as Clooper can help utilize feedback from previous customers to make an assessment of the tradesperson’s ability and quality. Other resources, such as Google, can also provide you with more information.

Beyond online reviews, getting personal recommendations from a trusted source can be one of the best ways to get in contact with a good tradesperson.

Get price Quotations 

When finding a tradesperson, it’s important to research reviews of their previous work but also to get a price quotation of the work you want to be done, but bear in mind that estimates are not always right due to the occurrence of revisions whilst carrying out the work

Be cautious when someone is quoting unusually low in comparison to others, particularly if you have no firm recommendations or online reviews to go on.

Avoid large upfront deposits 

A tradesperson who requests a large upfront cost should be avoided where possible; however, it is sometimes justified; make sure to understand the reasoning behind the need for a large deposit to avoid being scammed.

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Build a network 

By building a network of trusted professionals, you can rest assured that when things go wrong you know exactly who to contact. 

If you don’t build a circle of trustworthy contractors, you’ll have to go through the process of vetting good tradespeople every time, which means more research and uncertainty. This does not imply putting all of your eggs in one basket and not maintaining a backup of other trusted tradespeople.

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