What Makes You a Good Tenant?

What makes a good tenant?

Having a good tenant is something that every landlord strives to achieve. The task of finding tenants on your own can be daunting in the absence of an existing network. Imagine finding a tenant, but it isn’t the one you were hoping for.

It’s a given that no one wants bad-behaving tenants. No one wants to be in a situation where their tenants could be rude to other neighbours, neglect their property, or be late with their payment obligations.

Tenants, for the most part, are great and don’t cause any problems. But in reality, bad tenants exist in the same way that bad landlords do.

It is best to avoid badly behaved tenants as there is the possibility that the longer they stay, the more frustrating they can become.

On the other hand, the reasonable tenant will treat the rental property as if it were their own home (which it technically is during the rental period), reducing wear and tear and possibly lowering the landlord’s maintenance costs. This type of tenant is desirable and will eventually add value to the property.

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So what makes a good tenant or what makes you one?

  • You Make It Simple to Communicate With You

Communication is unavoidable, so a good one should be easy to communicate with, responsive, and respond to pending messages in a timely manner. He should also be courteous when interacting with others.

  • A Respectful Individual

A good tenant should be respectful, friendly, or at the very least courteous and cordial when dealing with others, particularly neighbours. He should be sympathetic and easy to deal with.

  • Not Be a Defaulter

You should always pay your rent on time, never default, and if you must make a late payment for any reason, you should communicate this (aha, communication!)

  • Ensures The Property’s Upkeep

You are responsible for the rental property (after all that would be home for you for a bit). Also, report any real maintenance issues as soon as possible, keep the property tidy, and ensure that routine inspections are seamless and stress-free.

  • You Offer Hassle-Free Access

You make property inspections easier by allowing required access for routine inspections while staying out of the way.

  • Decent

In this context, decent means adhering to the agent’s or landlord’s policies. This includes the terms of the tenancy agreement. He fulfils requests in writing or as directed.

He generally takes the rules he’s supposed to follow seriously and respectfully, including the terms of tenancy agreements, such as seeking permission before attempting to bring pets in or altering anything on the property.

Of course, the list is not exhaustive. So are you or would you make a good tenant?

We have tips for you if you are a landlord looking to get started with a checklist before renting out your property.