Are You A Budding Tradesperson? Here’s How We Can Help Boost Your Business!

tradesperson, clooper
Unsplash/David Siglin

An exemplary tradesperson is worth their weight in gold in the property industry. Landlords and tenants alike rely on their services and are always on the lookout for the best. Here’s what Clooper can do to help you avoid unnecessary stress and help you attract and maintain a professional-client network.


With Clooper, you’ll receive and personalise your very own business page. Possible clientele can browse your reviews, available services, request a quote and even private message you with questions. Everything in one place! This makes it much easier to attract and assuage the concerns of future clients. Reviews are essential to maintaining a high reputation in any trade business. On your Clooper page, clients can see that you are trustworthy right off the bat.


All of your card or bank details, payments and BACS transactions are processed through Stripe. This is the payment service that we work with, who are certified as a PCI Level 1 Service provider: the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. Any funds you are due from the work you find with Clooper go straight into your assigned bank account. No faff, no fuss, no false sense of security. You can always count on us to keep you, and your income, safe.


Tired of building a network of clients from the ground up? Clooper can help. Clients can not only easily discover you on the platform, they can also add you to their favourites. This allows them to keep in contact and save your information for future jobs. We also feature exemplary tradespeople in our regular newsletter. As a result, you become a ‘preferred’ tradesperson and gain even more attention for your business.


Manage appointments, track job progress, maintain paperwork and manage income and expenditure – all in one secure, easy to use platform. We all need time to unwind and relax. With jobs that are often physically demanding, as many trade work is, it’s important to keep that in mind. With Clooper: spend less time on needless business stress and more time on what you love, without losing out on business for it. Everybody wins.

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