Clooper Recognised For Its Sustainability And Social Responsibility Efforts

Clooper was recognised for its sustainability and social responsibility efforts. The business travel accommodation booking platform was on the shortlist for the UK PropTech Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Impact Award 2023. Plus, it successfully reached the finals of the London Chamber Commerce and Industry SME London business awards 2024 in the following categories: sustainability, corporate […]

What is Sustainable Travel? Everything You Should Know

Sustainable travel isn’t just a trend; it’s the responsible path we should tread. Our world, with its finite resources and pure wonders, faces the threat of excessive tourism. From the carbon footprint of air travel to resort threats on natural habitats, the impacts are profound. It’s not just about the thrill of exploration; it’s about […]

How to Plan an Effective Sustainable Trip

In a world where the environmental impact of travel is increasingly under scrutiny, planning a sustainable trip has become more than just a trend—it’s a responsibility. Sustainable travel is about making conscious choices that minimize the negative effects of tourism on the environment, local communities, and cultures. In this article, we’ll explore how to plan […]

The Ultimate Guide to Duty of Care For Corporate Travel

Duty of care isn’t just a legal obligation; it’s a commitment to the well-being of every employee. Even beyond the office walls, this responsibility becomes paramount, especially during corporate travels, where unique risks might emerge. Business travellers encounter a different set of challenges compared to their office-bound counterparts. In this article, we’re diving into corporate […]

Top 10 Corporate Travel Management Companies [+Reviews]

Today, where every second counts and every opportunity matters, seamless corporate travel management has become more crucial than ever before. Picture this: a multinational company sending its executives to seal a game-changing deal overseas, or a small business entrepreneur attending an international conference to expand their network. In both scenarios, what stands between success and […]

A Complete Guide to Business Travel Risk Management

Business travel is an integral part of many companies’ operations nowadays, providing opportunities for networking, collaboration, and business expansion at large. However, it also comes with some risks that can impact both the safety of employees and the success of business endeavours. Implementing effective business travel risk management is crucial for duty of care; mitigating […]

7 Common Travel Management Mistakes to Avoid

The demand for business travel continues to surge. With this surge, companies increasingly rely on in-house travel managers, recognizing their important role in overseeing seamless journeys for employees. These travel managers shoulder responsibilities, from crafting intricate itineraries to booking flights and accommodations, ensuring policy adherence, and providing unwavering support throughout the travel process. Yet, in […]

Clooper Joins The Better Business Act Coalition

Clooper has joined the Better Business Act coalition because we believe the world needs every business at its best. That is creating good jobs, helping to fix pressing problems and adding value to society. Not only that, but the Better Business Act could help UK start-ups lead the world in solving global problems. This aligns […]

8 Tips For Managing Corporate Travel Effectively

Nowadays, managing corporate travel isn’t just about booking flights and hotels; it involves planning, sticking to policies, ensuring employee safety, and promoting productivity. Moreso, travelling employees often represent the face of a company, and their experiences can significantly impact business relationships. This means managing the travel needs of employees requires careful organization to ensure a […]